MsIronMetalHead666 is a Serbian Unterganger. His style is Traditional and mostly FX-based. He lives in Plavna.

He currently has 409 subscribers and 29 videos. His most famous parodies are Hitler is informed by General Chuikov and Gunsche learns that Chuikov is now the Fuhrer.


His last parody was uploaded on 10 March 2011 and his last known activity was on March 1.

In March 2012 he posted the following messages on his channel:

"Folks sorry but for the moment I'm unable to stay in touch and make parodies. Enjoy my current videos and comment as much as you like, until I get back in the saddle...
"Let's say that I don't have internet connection any more... And too many private and business matters are currently blocking my path :("

It is unknown when or if he'll return.

In January 2013, his YouTube account linked to his Google+ page.


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