Mr. Stamper
Mr. Stamper by GC3B6tz Otto
Otto Gunsche is very very pissed with you.


Richard Stamper

Appeared in

Tomorrow Never Dies




Killing people

Notable for

Pain proof
Trying to kill Bond
Being Gunsche's alter-ego/possible brother


Blond Günsche

Played by

Götz Otto

Mr. Stamper or Richard Stamper (his name in the film novelization) is a villain from the 1997 James Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies.

Stamper is the henchman of villain Elliot Carver in the movie. His first mission is to sink a British frigate, "find out if there are any survivors", shoot down a Chinese fighter in the South China Sea using Carver's stealth secret boat and steal a cruise missile from the British ship.

Stamper is also the protégé of Dr. Kaufman, a professional assassin. Kaufman trained him in the many methods of torture, particularly chakra torture, which attempts to inflict the maximum amount of pain on the body's most vital areas while leaving the victim alive as long as possible. Kaufman was like a father to Stamper, so when Bond killed him, Stamper was determined to get his revenge. He captures Bond and Wai Lin and takes them to the CMGN tower in Saigon. But before he can try to break his mentor's 52-hour record of torture, 007 and Wai Lin escape from Carver with Bond burying a Chakra blade deep into Stamper's thigh.

After he killed Carver on his stealth ship, Bond tries to sabotage the missile, but Stamper drops Wai Lin, in the sea, not before she throws Bond a bomb, which he puts it on the missile exhaust. Stamper jumps on the missile firing platform and begins to fight Bond, wanting to revenge the death of Kaufman and Carver. Bond begins to punch him but he's no match for Stamper. Tries to stab him, to no avail. He eventually pulls a lever that causes the missile to fall on his foot. Stamper than grabs Bond and puts him in the way of the missile nozzle, saying that "We die together Mr. Bond". Bond then pulls the knife out of Stamper's chest and frees himself, falling in the sea. As a result, Stamper is left to die alone on the raised missile platform, as the missile's engines ignite. The stealth boat, the missile and Stamper are destroyed in the explosion.

Stamper's senses are reversed, so where others feel pain, he feels pleasure (This concept would be revisited in the next film, The World Is Not Enough, with main villain Renard).

He was played by Götz Otto.

In Downfall Parodies

Stamper - played by Götz Otto, the same actor who portrayed Günsche in Downfall - appeared in several parodies, like WonkyTonkBotty's Hitler watches the end of Tomorrow Never Dies and Gunsche's jokes - Theme Parks. He also appeared in ako675's parody Hitler hires Gunsche to kill James Bond and is also mentioned in one of TheAdibiazero's parodies.

He's considered to be Günsche's alter ego.


  • When Götz Otto was called in for casting, he was given twenty seconds to introduce himself. Saying, "I am big, I am bad, I am blond and I am German", he did it in five.

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