Moussa Ibrahim
He has eyebrows, unlike Goebbels, but less hair...he can't win can he?


Moussa Ibrahim



Known for:

Being Daffy's information minister


Moose, Mickey Mouse


Muammar al-Gaddafi, Aisha al-Gaddafi, Khamis al-Gaddafi, Bashar al-Assad, Ali Abdullah Saleh


Adolf Hitler, Alfred Jodl, the Western infidels, the Libyan rebels

Moussa Ibrahim is the Libyan Minister of Information in Gaddafi's government, as well as the official regime spokesman, who has come to attention during the ongoing civil war in Libya.

It was incorrectly reported on 29 September 2011 that Ibrahim had been captured near Sirte by NTC fighters. No independent confirmation was forthcoming, and the report was denied by a pro-Gaddafi TV channel. There were several others reports of his capture, but they were all untrue. Moussa was officially captured in Bani Walid on October 20, 2012; one year to the day of Gaddafi's death.

In Gaddafi Parodies

He will be seen in upcoming Gaddafi Parodies by Benad361 as Gaddafi's answer to Goebbels.

Similarities with Goebbels

  • Both produce/produced ludicrously biased, untrue propaganda.
  • Both seem/are loyal to their collapsing regimes until the end.


  • Moussa actually has eyebrows, but less hair.
  • His ranting skills are yet to be tested, while Goebbels' ranting is well known as being excellent.
  • Moussa does not have six children.
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