Mohnke talks to Hitler is a scene in Downfall that is sometimes used in parodies.

In Downfall

Continuing from the previous scene, Wilhelm Mohnke is escorted by Heinz Linge to the Führer's bedroom, who is shown sitting on the side of his bed. Mhonke salutes and Hitler asks him for how much longer they can hold out and Mohnke tells him no more than twenty hours, as the Soviets are less than four hundred meters away. Hitler tells Mohnke that the Western democracies are decadent and that they'll be defeated by the disciplined people from the East. Mohnke is wished all the best by Hitler and leaves. Hitler remains on his bed.

In Downfall Parodies

The scene is not often used in parodies, and never on its own, as there is no ranting.

Hitler Rants Parodies used the scene with Mohnke talking to Hitler in many of his parody series, particularly those that involve warfare, such as Hitler vs Justin Bieber fans, The Jodl Rebellion, and War of The Hitlers. JennieParker87 has also used the scene, for example in her The Last Man parody, in which Hitler talks to Mohnke about his upcoming doom. Or in her Hitler in the Mysterious forest parody, in which Hitler is seen taking a dump on Otto Günsche's bed.

In thenewyorkcitay's Hitler Kidnaps the Goebbels Children, Hitler talks to himself about 'tingling sensations' that he gets when looking at younglings, with Mohnke listening.


German transcript and English translation
Speaker German English
HITLER Wie lange können Sie noch halten? How long can you hold out?
MOHNKE Vielleicht 20 Stunden, nicht länger. Perhaps 20 hours, no longer.
Die Russen sind rundherum bis auf einige hundert Meter herangekommen. The Russians have come all the way up to a few hundred meters.
Für den Moment haben wir sie zum Stehen gebracht. For the moment, we've brought them to a standstill.
HITLER Wissen Sie, Mohnke. You know, Mohnke.
Die westlichen Demokratien sind dekadent. The western democracies are decadent.
Sie werden den Straff geführten Völkern des Ostens unterliegen. They will be defeated by the disciplined people from the east.
Alles Gute. Ich danke Ihnen. All the best. Thank you.
Es war nicht nur für Deutschland. It wasn't only for Germany.


  • This is one of two scenes where Hitler predicts the changes in world politics after his death. He is convinced about the superiority of the Soviet-style of leadership and predicts that the Western Allies will loose against the Soviet Union in an upcoming conflict as he predicted in an earlier scene.


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