Model 39 Grenade
Grawitz has some balls


230 g


112 g TNT

Blast radius

3 meters

Model 39 Grenade or M39, in German Eihandgranate 39 (nicknamed Eierhandgranate, "Egg hand grenade") or simply Granate 39 was a German hand grenade introduced in 1939 and produced until 1945. The Eierhandgranate used the same fuse assembly as the Model 43 Stielhandgranate, which was screwed into the top of the sheet metal body. The grenade also features a metal ring at the bottom that is used to attach the grenade to either a soldier uniform or as a booby trap. The colour of the cap indicated the burning time of the type of fuse fitted. (Red 1 second, Blue 4.5 seconds, Yellow 7.5 seconds, Gray 10 seconds), although typically, a delay of around four seconds was used. Later in the war, due to shortages of raw material, the M39 grenades were manufactured from concrete, with scrap metal insertions.

To activate it, all that needs to be done is to unscrew the ball cap, pull it out revealing the coiled wire, gently strech it, then quickly pull it and throw the grenade.

In Downfall Universe

Grawitz used two of these grenades to kill himself and his family.

This becomes a recurring joke in the parodies, where Grawitz blows himself everytime he is either sad of angry. Apart from his family, he also blew up Hitler after he told him that he can't cook


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