Mister Mad is an Australian YouTuber, known for making Downfall parody 3D animations using custom Team Fortress 2 models and edited with Source Filmmaker. He has about 5 parodies made as of March 2016.

The earliest Downfall parody was animated using SEMM. The first SFM movie parodying Downfall, Hitler is Informed (SFM), was uploaded on 25 September 2012. His most viewed SFM Downfall parody however is a tribute video to fellow GModder kitty0706 uploaded on early-2015.

He uses Source Filmmaker from 2012 onwards for his animations; previously he used Garry's Mod. Most of his videos are TF2-related - In the Downfall parodies' case modified TF2 classes stood in for Downfall characters. In the first parody Hitler wore an SS uniform, but in later parodies the characters wear more accurate attire, though some TF2 elements, like gloves, remained.

Some of the characters are:

  • Hitler - Medic
  • Günsche - Medic
  • Jodl - Heavy
  • Krebs - Soldier
  • Burgdorf - Demo
  • Goebbels - Spy
  • Fegelein - Scout
  • Göring - Heavy

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