Mini-Me Hitler is a parody series by JennieParker87. The series is made up of three episodes, with the final one uploaded on 22 May 2013. A video containing the full series was also uploaded.

Plot & Inspiration

Hitler and most of his staff have been minimized, and placed out in the grass, in the middle of nowhere. The big question is why? Who is responsible? Is it Fegelein - the Antic Master who always trolls Hitler, or someone else?

The inspiration for the series came from the movie "Honey, I shrunk the kids" (1989), in which a father accidentally shrinks his and the neighbours' kids, and dumps them in the yard without knowing it. The movie shows how the kids try to find their way back to the house, through the dangers in the garden (giant bugs etc.), while the father tries to figure out how to find them and bring them back to normal size again.

In the Mini-Me Hitler series, the story unfolded over three episodes. The first one raises questions about how and if Chinese food can be responsible for minimizing a person. The second episode showed some background story, and the third episode revealed the true identity of "Fart Cushion", the infamous rival of Himmler.


List of episodes

Thumbnail Episode Title Length Release date
Mini-Me Hitler tumbnail ep. 1
Mini-Me Hitler (Part 1) 5:07 1 May 2013
Mini-Me Hitler thumbnail ep. 2
Mini-Me Hitler (Part 2) 5:45 17 May 2013
Mini-Me Hitler thumbnail ep. 3
Mini-Me Hitler (Part 3) 6:37 22 May 2013
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