Microsoft Windows (Usually called Windows) is the operating system from Microsoft. Various versions of Windows make up the majority of operating systems installed on computers around the world. Owing to its popularity among users, the line has been a frequent target for malware, and, especially in consumer editions (even more so in Windows 9x/ME), subject to bugs and security exploits, although some of the latter bugs and exploits can sometimes be attributed to errors or complacency on part of the user.

The most popular version of Windows is currently Windows 7, though Windows XP has been popular until recent years, when Microsoft officially retired XP and ceased support for the operating system in April 8, 2014. The recently-released Windows 8 has caused much criticism for its new Metro interface, which replaces the traditional Explorer interface, for it's overly-simplistic design, low level of personalization and for being more touch-screen oriented. Similar criticism was made on other products that were given the Metro treatment, like Office 2013.

The latest version of Windows, Windows 10, which includes a lot of improvements, was released on July 29 as a free upgrade to users of Windows 7, 8, and 8.1.[1][2]

Downfall Parody Universe

As with any topic, various versions of Windows have been tried and reviewed by Hitler, most notably Windows 8. There were also parodies where Hitler is trapped inside computers running Windows.

A running gag in the parodies are Windows 1945, highlighting the instability and slowness of the OS in general (though not necessarily so).

Windows 1945

The Windows 1945 is the operating system of the Führerbunker.

Having only appeared in a parody by Hitler Rants Parodies, it is portrayed as extremely slow to the point of taking two weeks to install, 5 hours to start up and 4 bytes of RAM to render the cursor. Hitler even referred to it as **** compared to Windows 1942 which may be a reference to the shortcomings of some editions of Windows.

Tobbs96's Ranting Club (part II) mentioned the existence of a system which might refer to a similar OS.

Windows Nein

After Windows 1945, Hitler Rants Parodies released a new version of Windows, Windows Nein, in October 2014. This version is a parody of Windows 9 (now Windows 10) and "Nein nein nein" from the Inglourious Basterds Hitler.

In the parody, Günsche informed Hitler that he is installed on Windows Nein, Hitler responses with frequent lagging, while Günsche runs smoothly. When Hitler says "FEGELEIN", the system crashed, the screen changed to a red color of BSoD, with two IB Hitler standing each side, saying "Nein nein nein".


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