Meowjar, also known as 2091riveraisrael, was an Italian/Puerto Rican/American Unterganger who was most commonly associated with the United Nazi War series and similarly-themed parodies. He claimed the series was inspired by HitchcockJohn, though this was never proven.


Big Wiki Antic

The aforementioned series would eventually become controversial among some parodists, as Mfaizsyahmi and FegelCineplex expressed their disapproval over Meow's series, commenting[1] on the incessant and borderline esoteric contributions to the Hitler Parody Wiki.

He was later banned on the wiki as per consensus by the Downfall Parodies Forum members, citing the above as well as similar concerns on his editing behaviour.

He appears to be a member of a wiki in which the members are more or less alike in thought and ideology.

Post Banning

It is unknown if he still makes parodies after the Big Wikia Antic in 2012, but it was eventually discovered that he still creates parodies with a different YouTube account, as it was discovered that he had been locked out of his normal account in 2011.

He is still banned from this wiki as of December 2016. It is also implied that he has moved on to other interests, and has silently retired.


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