Mein Unterkampf is an Unterganger, one of the first Sixth-generation Untergangers and the first to have a wiki page on the Hitler Parody Wiki.


He was first introduced to the “meme” when he watched WatchMojo's “Top 10 Internet Memes” back in 2015, and shortly after watched his first parody “Hitler gets Rick Rolled ” . While he watched a few parodies here and there in 2016, it was in Autumn of 2017 when he began to really get into the meme, from watching “Cooking with the Fuhrer! ”  and “Lemme Smash (Downfall Edition) ”. He chose to start Unterganging on January 1, 2018, creating his “Mein Unterkampf” YouTube account and creating his channel intro (even he uploaded it on January 29, as he was working on another parody throughout the month). His channel has reached 100 subs milestone on 2019-4-25.

Notable parodies

His most popular parody so far is Hitler Receives a Call from a Singing Yakko Warner . It has 13,430 views on Youtube as of June 5, 2020. It used to be his first video on Channel Awesome and Hitler reading a comic on Tumblr .  Also, in the Downfall Community Awards, Mein Unterkampf has won:


  • Mein Unterkampf is the First Sixth Generation Unterganger to get 1000 views (achieved May 13, 2018 ).
  • Mein Unterkampf has a parody that had been originally uploaded to YouTube while being blocked in several countries due to copyright claims. Because of this, he had to make a Vimeo account , upload the parody onto Vimeo, and upload ANOTHER parody onto YouTube that directs people from the countries where the video is blocked to Vimeo. This technically means that Mein Unterkampf is the first Sixth Generation Unterganger to open a Vimeo account.
  • Mein Unterkampf uses his Vimeo channel to upload feature length parodies and parody series, as they are the most likely to be blocked on YouTube for copyright infringement.
  • He created a parody one time about Rochus Misch repeating his famous phrase "Marshal Zhukov", however, due to a major audio screw-up, he had to upload the fixed parody and unlist the original .
  • He won the award "Unterganger of the Month" for August 2018.
  • Mein Unterkampf uploaded a Hitler parody about Bowsette on the same exact day another person uploaded a Hitler parody ranting about Bowsette .
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