MegaMr46 is an American third-generation Unterganger best known for his Hitler's Hurricane Situation trilogy.

His first known Downfall parody is Hitler's Demand to Switch Providers, uploaded on November 14, 2014.


MegaMr46 joined Youtube in March 2010, before he did the downfall parody "Hitler's Demand to Switch Providers" in 2014, A while ago, he was famous for the Stoked Alternate Endings and GOTJ Shipping of George and Magnolia (now renamed as Ursula).


The Parody that was viewed the most in 2017 was the First part of the three part parody, Hitler's Hurricane Situation . He based the idea after Hurricane Harvey affected his home state of Texas and during Irma's destruction.

List of Parodies

The Parodies where Hitler Dies

The Parodies based on Sports

The Parodies that were entered for the contest

The Parodies Based on Current Events

Hitler Hurricane's Situation (Hurricane Season-Completed)

The Hitler Phone Parodies

Downfall Parodies Christmas Special

The Führer of the Magi

  • Part 1
  • Part 2 (post production)
  • Part 3 (post Production

The Parodies that changed the MegaMr46's Downfall Parody World Forever (Current)

Bunker Games (Coming Soon-the Bunker plays video games)

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