Maybach SW 38 Cabriolet Spohn
Speer's Maybach SW 38 car.




Luxury vehicle




140 hp (104 kW)

Maybach has always held a reputation for designing luxury cars that are as exclusive as they are expensive. The Type SW 38 was introduced in 1936. This was the final model to be released before the war, and was available in three versions of the straight six engines, a 3.5 liter, 3.8 liter and a 4.2 liter. The world was stunned by the Maybach SW 38, which was capable of reaching speeds of more than 120 mph, a speed considered 'blinding' during the era.

A total of 520 were built between 1936 and 1939 and about 152 cars are known today.

As usual with pre-war cars the SW was available with various bodytypes including the featured Cabriolet. Production stopped in 1941, and it was only until 2002 when Daimler Chrylser introduced the Maybach 57 and 62.

In the parodies

It was the car used by Speer (Speermobile) to enter the garage and meet both Fegelein and Himmler. In one parody, its horn plays “La Cucaracha” and “Dixie” (the melody of the General Lee’s horn on The Dukes of Hazzard) at different moments.

Another parody features thumping bass playing from the car’s stereo as it drives away.

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