MaximillianZakes, (Maximilian Willard Zakes III, born September 20) also known as MZ, is an Unterganger from the United States. He has been making Downfall parodies since around April 2010, after watching KakashiBallZ's video on how to make them. He was first able to sucessfully upload three parodies on July 9, 2010, after finding out that "mirroring" the videos would prevent them from being blocked.


MaximillianZakes has currently uploaded nineteen Downfall parodies. They range from simple jokes (such as "Günsche is on LSD), to mutli-video story arcs, such as the three-part "El Chupacabras" series and mockumentaries such as "Hitler Invades Mexico". He currently has several other parodies in the beginning stages of production.


On October 23, 2010, MaximillianZakes sent a message to KakashiBallZ thanking him for posting a video on how to make Downfall parodies and inviting him to view his. KBZ liked them so much that he favorited one of them (bringing MZ from 9 subscribers to 13) and two days later plugged him in a video (bringing MZ from 13 subscribers to around 128.)

MaximillianZakes currently has 27 videos (although not all of them are Downfall Parodies) and 501 subscribers, which he says would not have been possible without KBZ's help.

Current Status

After taking a hiatus from parody making to focus on his career and to upgrade to Sony Vegas 8 [when?], MZ has returned to the parody scene [when?]. He has recently started dabbling and experimenting with FX and with other concepts besides Downfall Parodies, such as Garry's Mod Machinima and parodying other films and shows.[citation needed]

He hasn't uploaded any parody since October 2011.

On 15 April 2013, he posted a video, where he explains that he might make Downfall parodies again, when he'll have time and when he'll get Sony Vegas 10.

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