Lil Miss Croissant, formerly and commonly known as Mathilde's Parodies, is a fifth-generation French Untergangerin of Spanish and Tahitian origins who started making parodies in April 2017. As of August 2017, she has over 2000 views and 50 subscribers. She announced her retirement on 27 October 2018.[1]


In the early years of the meme itself, Mathilde's Parodies first discovered Downfall parodies through a French Youtube Poop that used the Original Bunker Scene which she found "absurd" since it had a depiction of Hitler, thus she didn't look into the meme any further.

However in early 2017, after she developed an academic interest for Nazi Germany in late 2016, she took an interest in their portrayal in the media and eventually rediscovered Downfall parodies through it's TV Tropes page. She was fascinated by the community's creativity and the way each character were given their own quirks and personalities. After she gained inspiration to make her own parodies from several Untergangers, especially from BewegungsunFISH, she uploaded her first parody  on April 2nd.

After a while, she realized that she couldn't restrain herself by only relying on unaltered scenes with the movie thus she decided to get familiar with Chroma Keying and Keyframing for headpasting which can be seen on her fourth parody, Dolfy's terrible vacation , which won the Best Unknown/Newcomer award in April 2017 in the Unterganger Awards. Throughout the month of June, her editing skills gradually improved which can be seen with Hipster Hitler that won June 2017's Parody of the Month


Her main parody styles are Modified Traditional and FX as she frequently relies on green screens and heapasting. Being a Nazi Germany history buff,  her parodies also tend to incorporate rather strange facts involving character's real-life counterparts, such as Himmler being a chicken farmer or Hitler wearing shorts.

Notable parodies

Her most notable parodies are Dolfy's terrible vacation that made her win her first Unterganger Awards, Fegelein's Apprentice for her portrayal of Traudl (as the title suggests) being Fegelein's apprentice. Hipster Hitler for winning three awards in the Unterganger Awards, and Himmler's Chickens for its humorous chase scene.


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