Personal banner of Master of Antics Hermann Fegelein

The rank of Master of Antics, also known as Antic Master, is one of the highest obtainable ranks in the Antic Order, and those who hold this title are assumed to have reached the peak of their training in anticology. The rank garners a lot of respect from other members of the Order, and often indicates individuals with uncommon skill in the art of stealth and pulling antics. Masters of Antics never pull antics on an innocent person (although Fegelein is repeatedly shown to violate this principle and execute them on almost everyone, whether they get in his way or not), hide in plain sight, and never compromise their Order.

Known Masters

There are nine known Masters of Antics. The most well-known of them is Hermann Fegelein, who serves with the Berlin Antics Guild under Grand Master Heinrich Himmler.


  • Hewel, in contrast with his geeky/cool image in Downfall, was probably the only character appearing in the film who performed antics in real life - he often played practical jokes on Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop, to Hitler's amusement. He thus can be regarded as the real Antic Master.

Gallery of Masters

Similarities with Ranks in Other Orders

The rank of Master of Antics is very similar to the rank of Master Assassin in Assassin's Creed.

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