Magda drugs her children is a scene in Downfall that is rarely used in parodies due to it being one of the most disturbing scenes in the film.

In Downfall

After the previous scene, Ludwig Stumpfegger is preparing a solution on his working table in a conical flask, while Magda Goebbels sits beside him watching. Magda asks how long the potion will work, after which Stumpfegger replies "Around four hours". Then Magda, Stumpfegger and Joseph Goebbels are seen walking towards the children's room. Joseph stays outside while Magda and Stumpfegger go inside to meet the children, to which the eldest Helga is reading a bedtime story. Magda watches her children in admiration but interrupts them to inform (lie) that the doctor (Stumpfegger) has medicine for them. She also tells them the medicine is bitter but good for them. Stumpfegger also lies and says the medicine will keep the children from getting sick.

The children are instructed to take one sip each, and Heidrun goes first. While the glass is being passed around Stumpfegger added that it'd help in the damp bunker, but Heidrun said it isn't damp. All the children takes one sip each, except the eldest daughter, Helga. She seems suspicious and refuses to drink. In the end, Magda forcefully holds Helga's face while Stumpfegger makes her drink. Afterward, Helga throws herself on a bed and cries. Magda looks disturbed at this and quickly gets up, says goodnight to the children and leaves while turning off the light. Joseph is seen standing outside the children's room's door.

In Downfall Parodies

This scene is hardly ever seen in parodies, due to its grim nature, much like the Hitler Suicide Scene and other related scenes.

The scene with Magda and Stumpfegger mixing the chemicals has been used in The Downfall of Gaia Online to represent gameplay of the "Alchemy" feature in Gaia Online, with much better reception from viewers.

Part of this scene is creatively used in Der Disneygang, where Fegelein performs an antic that replaces all drinking water with sour lemon juice, showing the disgusted faces of the children taking the medicine as a result.


  • The book is titled "Vier Schweinchen" or, in English, "The Four Piglets".


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