Magda, Eva and Bormann talk to Speer is a scene in Downfall that is sometimes used in parodies.

In Downfall

Albert Speer meets with the Goebbels children who are playing under the supervision of Traudl Junge and Gerda Christian. Carrying Heidrun, she tells him that Magda Goebbels is sick and when he asks her where her mom is, she responds that she doesn't know. Traudl says that she is in her room getting some rest. Heinz Linge comes and tells Speer that Eva Braun is ready to see him. Speer says bye to the kids and he reconsiders seeing Eva first and tells Linge that he would see her after visiting Magda.

Speer requests to Magda to spare her kids from their death as the war winds down. But Magda insists that it isn't fit to raise them in a world without National Socialism. Before Speer leaves he tells her that he will come back to see her before departing the bunker.

Speer is then making his way to Eva's room where he sees Johannes Hentschel working on the bunker's generators and a room where young SS officers are making and receiving phone calls. As he enters the corridor, he sees Martin Bormann asleep with a bottle and a glass of vodka at his side. He knocks on Eva's room and enters. The conversation revolves around Hitler's actions and the fate of her and his life with the war nearing its end.

After leaving Eva's room, Bormann is now awake and calls Speer. He gets up buttoning his uniform and walks drunkenly towards Speer. He asks him to tell the Führer to leave Berlin since he believes he'll only listen to him. He grabs Speer telling him that if they don't leave, the Bolsheviks will slit their throats. Speer, a bit upset, takes his arms off of him. He knocks on the door and enters as Hitler allows him to come in and the next scene starts.

In Downfall Parodies

Hitler Rants Parodies used Bormann's part of the scene in a parody, where he goes on a drunken ramble to Speer. JennieParker87 used Magda's part in a parody, where Hitler is under her bed. She would also use the part with Bormann in her parody The Bunker Tests - Part 3 (Shorter episode), in which Bormann is seen trying to resist touching Speer.



  • The beginning of the scene with the Goebbels children is rarely used in parodies and it's mostly Speer and Magda that is used more often from the beginning.
  • The scene where Bormann talks to Speer is only present in the Extended Edition. Also, Speer telling Magda he will visit her again before leaving Berlin and before exiting the room is only present in the Extended Edition.
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