MabusParodies is a Romanian Unterganger. He is a former admin on this wiki and used to be one of the top contributors.


He first discovered the Downfall Parodies in 2010. After about an year, he decided to make Downfall parodies. He created the said account on 11 September 2011 and uploaded the first parody on October 1.

Afterwards he began to upload many more parodies. He first used Windows Movie Maker, but due to unknown reasons, the program no longer worked and instead began using Sony Vegas 7, whom he considered much better than WMM. Currently he uses Sony Vegas Pro 11.

His first parodies were Traditional, but eventually he learned (from seeing both shomronon's Vegas tutorial as well as other YouTube videos) how to use the Chroma key effect and Rotoscoping. His first true FX parody (he previously experimented on non-Downfall videos), Kommissar Blondi, quickly became a hit and to this date it's his most watched parody. He also experimented with War and Remembrance scenes, made several Burgdorf Rants Parodies and made several Bunker Jokes. He is also known for his loop parodies, that are a source of mondegreen. He chooses to make relative short parodies as they take less time. He is active on his channel, even though he would sometimes take breaks from parody making.

On 1 September 2014, he became the sixth Unterganger to be selected as one of the Best New/Unknown Untergangers for 2014.

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