Hogl kills Fege
Peter Högl shooting the MP40 at Fegelein.


Submachine gun


38, 40 (in Downfall)

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The Maschinenpistole 40 (or MP40) was a sub-machine gun developed in Germany. The MP 38 and MP 40 (MP designates Maschinenpistole, literally "Machine Pistol"), often called Schmeisser, were sub-machine guns developed in Nazi Germany and used extensively by paratroopers, tank crews, officers, and other troops during World War II.

Two variants are seen in the movie.

Model 38

The MP38 Sub-machine gun is seen in use by Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS troops. SS-Standartenführer Ernst-Günther Schenck's adjutant carries one, as well as the Greifkommando. The gun is also seen carried by an NCO who escorted Mohnke's group.

Model 40

Although the MP 40 was generally reliable, a major weakness was its 32-round magazine. Unlike the double-column, dual-feed magazine insert found on the Thompson M1921-28 variants, the MP 38 and MP 40 used a double-column, single-feed insert. The single-feed insert resulted in increased friction against the remaining cartridges moving upwards towards the feed lips, occasionally resulting in feed failures; this problem was exacerbated by the presence of dirt or other debris.

General Helmuth Weidling's adjutant also carries an MP40, which he turns in before entering the Bunker.

Several members of the Waffen SS are seen armed with MP40 sub-machine guns, most notably one of the two guards at the bunker's exit cube, when preparing to cremate Goebbels' remains. Peter Högl also carried one, which he used it to finish Fegelein off.

In Downfall Universe

Its most notable use is to kill Fegelein. In some parodies it is portrayed as the only weapon able to kill Fegelein, especially if used by Högl.

Fegelein's MP40, quite unrealistically can fire infinite rounds in Fegelein's Bloody Night Before Christmas.

The weapon is also Högl's MP40 of Total Annihilation.


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