MMsParodies is an Australian Unterganger, and also one of the last Third-generation Untergangers.


MMsParodies started Unterganging on December 3, 2014 with Hitler in The Long Dark, taking advantage of TheSilverUniverse's Green Screen packs. He was noticed by Nhlfan40, and was promoted by him. Eventually, they ended up making a collaboration series called Why Can't Fegelein Die?, showing a few theories on Fegelein's "inability to die". He has won an Unterganger Award in February 2015 for Best Current Events Parody with Hitler interrupts Jodl's Acceptance Speech. He has also won Best New/Unknown Unterganger Award of April 2015.

As of 31st July, 2019, he can now be considered to have silently retired, as he has not uploaded any new parodies since the last one , which was on May 18th, 2015.

Parody Style

Using iMovie to produce his Parodies, they range from Hitler being informed of simple news to a freeze ray incident. MMsParodies' special effects capabilities varies, as he is able to do use Green Screen packs effectively, but can't use advanced special effects as they exceed the capabilities of his editor.

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