Lord Lenny Hitler Parodies (formerly known as RTR997 and Rob997 Parodies ) is an American Sixth-generation Unterganger who started making parodies in September 2018. He has won two Best Parody by newcomer awards for the Downfall Community Awards.


He debuted on September 6th 2018 which was on the month of his Birthday. In January of 2019, he created his own Discord Chat Server called the "Rob997 Downfall Community Chat Server" which was later renamed "RCCS". On June 11th, 2019, Rob997 chose to delete his channel due to not enjoying his own content and believing that the ideas he has in mind won't be able to translate to actual videos. He has stated that he may return in the future but there is no guarantee.

Finally, Rob explained that if he returns, he’ll be called Lord Lenny Hitler Parodies (LLHP). This did happen shortly afterwards, however, he decided to suicide his new channel again.

On August 14th, 2019, he uploaded a video with the following title My Return to making parodies and my Downfall Discord Server and has mentioned that he hopes to "improve his parodies", "mature within the Downfall Community" and advertised a new discord server for "talking about parodies".

Criticism and controversy

On the 22nd of July, Rob decided to stay retired by posting a comment that was rude and called Untergangers "neo-nazis", despite previously having several Downfall related servers as well as having been an Unterganger himself. The message was in circulation for a few days where several members criticized him for his rash decision, one going as far as calling him a "disrespectful traitor" while others hoping that he will mature in the future and make a return.

Many consider the message at the end to be ironic due to an actual Israeli Unterganger who was part of the Downfall Community.

“A messages to Untergangers: It has become clear that the Hitler meme is

very boring and stupid and Untergangers are rude and immature. I am Anti-Unterganger and I’ve realized that you treat people like shit because you are Neo-Nazis. I don’t care what you say. I don’t care what you think. You can post negative

comments or dislike the video. By the way, I have a Jewish friend and I will beat up anyone who insults his religion. All of you Untergangers will never become famous. No one wants your parodies on YouTube.”
Lord Lenny


  • He is one of the youngest Untergangers.
  • Rob997 is the the "only" Unterganger who posted NHL parodies.
  • He is interested in the arcade game, Big Buck Hunter. In some cases (or mostly), he discusses about the game, and posts media regarding it.
  • He was born on the day before the 4th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and was born in same year after Downfall was released.


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