Example of loop.

Loop or sometimes known as X does/says Y for Z minutes/hours is the name given to a technique in which a scene is repeated over and over. The name Loop comes from looping. An airplane or rollercoaster for example, you start at a point, go 360° degrees, and you end at the same place were you started. In movies, a scene begins, it ends, then it begins again at the same point where it began.

This technique is often used to reveal many mondegreens.

There are several disadvantages:

If the cut is not done properly, lagging sounds will appear. This is best known when trying to extend vocals, such as Hitler's "Toooot".

Examples of loops

Hermann Fegelein

  • Saying Heil Hitler for a few minutes
  • Getting shot for a few minutes

Adolf Hitler

Known Untergangers who use loops in their parodies

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