Palace of Westminster with Big Ben

Palace of Westminster with the signature Elizabeth Tower aka Big Ben.

London is the capital city of the United Kingdom, (UK).

It was subjected to heavy bombing raids by Germany's Luftwaffe in the Blitz, killing many civilians.

Many of the Untergangers also reside here, including Hitler Rants Parodies.

In the parodies

In Benad361's parody, Fegelein versus Hitler; The Ultimate Showdown, London is the scene of an intense duel in Elizabeth Tower (Incorrectly but better kown as Big Ben) between Antic Master Hermann Fegelein and German Führer Adolf Hitler.

Hitler is triumphant in confronting Himmler, surprising him and casting him out of the front of the clock before he can react, where he clings onto the minute hand. The following duel with Fegelein proved to be more challenging, primarily on Fegelein's part as he did not possess the training Hitler did (in fencing from the Tukhachevsky Antic Academy). After giving Fegelein second, third, fourth and fifth chances (he assumed he would inevitably win as his skills with a sword were infinitely superior) Hitler seems to be finally triumphant, but Fegelein realises he cannot defeat Hitler and desperately cuts the ropes of the wooden catwalk they are standing on in a sucidal move, flinging them both out of the front of the clock where Hitler plummets to his death below. Fegelein is saved in the nick of time as he is caught by Himmler's extended hand.

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