Downfall scenes collage

A compilation of stills from different scenes in Downfall.

This page contains a list of all scenes in Downfall, as well as the "behind the scenes" bonus footage available in the DVD or BluRay versions of Downfall.


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Downfall scenes

This is the list of scenes from Downfall used for parody making and their download links if available.

2Hitler's Secretarial Interview
  • Scene where Hitler is seen walking into a room
  • Scene where Hitler pats his dog Blondi
3Battle Scenes (first part - bombing) Scene with artillery falling near a soldier carrying a crate
4Traudl, Gerda and Constanze wake up to artillery fire
5Hitler Phone Scene
6Eva and Traudl discuss in the kitchen [ext]
  • Scene where Eva is making a cake
7Fegelein and Himmler at Hitler's birthday
8Schenck and the burning of documents
9Himmler greets Hitler (aka Hitler Wants Himmler Scene)
10Himmler and Fegelein at the garage (garage)
11Hitler walks around the model of Berlin (Germania)
12Hitler Youth Artillery Scene
  • Scene where some Hitler Youth members are manning a flak nest and Wilhelm Kranz approaches and talks to them
13Hitler Planning Scene [diff]
14Hitler's Generals Discussing Scene
15Hitler congratulates the Hitler Youth
  • Scene with an outside view of the Fuhrerbunker
  • Scene where medals are given
16Traudl, Gerda and Constanze talk in bed
17Schenck and Müller around a bonfire
18Party Scene (beginning)
  • Eva walking through the hallway and into the dark ballroom.
  • See the full party scene below
19Hitler and Speer chat on the couch
  • Scene where Hitler knocks on the table and sit cross-armed
20Party Scene
  • Scene where Fegelein talks to Eva in person
  • Scene which ends with the room being hit by an artillery shell, and everyone runs down the hallway
  • Scene where Traudl is struggling to walk in a tunnel and Gerda helps her walk
21Battle Scenes (second part - Weidling)
  • Scene with Weidling on the phone in the heat of battle
22Mohnke calls Schenck
  • Scene with Schenck running on the hallway
23Weidling goes to the Bunker
  • Scene where Krebs and Burgdorf greet Weidling and Weidling flashes his Iron Cross
24Schenck in the Hospital
  • Scene where Schenck finds the pile of dead bodies and the old people
25Wilhelm and Dorothee Kranz arguing [ext] [noDl]
26Singing Burgdorf Scene [diff]
  • Scene where Keitel comes down the hallway to talk to Weidling
27Peter Kranz's street battle
28Fegelein talking to Traudl and Gerda
29Original Bunker Scene
  • The world-famous rant scene
30After the Original Bunker Scene
  • Scene where Hitler walks through a crowd
  • Scene where Eva kisses Hitler
  • Scene where Goebbels dashes through the crowd and then stares at himself in the mirror
31Fegelein and Friends
  • Scene where Fegelein clasps his hands (Fist of Doom)
32Traudl and Gerda talking in bed
  • Scene where Traudl turns on the non-flowing tap, and the light flickers
33Eva walks Blondi
  • Scene with Traudl walking outside looking at the greenery
  • Scene with Traudl, Gerda and Eva smoking while looking at a statue
34Hitler Laughing Scene (aka Hitler's Trollface) [ext]
35Battle Scenes (third part - Mohnke)
  • Scene where Mohnke is looking through a pair of binoculars at the battle
36Schenck and Müller in a truck
  • Scene where two elderly men (Volkksturm) are running from the SS police
  • Scene with the Mexican standoff
37Schenck enters the shelter [ext]
38Mohnke talks to Goebbels
39Eva talking on the phone with Fegelein
40Magda Goebbels and the Goebbels children arrival [noDl]
41The Goebbels children sing to Hitler
42Schenck and Haase operating [ext]
43Hitler instructs how to commit suicide
44Eva and Magda write their letters
  • Montage with music
45Hitler stares at his favourite painting
46Peter Kranz in the bomb shelter [ext] [noDl]
  • Scene where Peter Kranz meet his parents who are taking shelter
47Battle Scenes (fourth part - Peter Kranz)
  • Scene where Peter is running through the streets at night
  • Scene where Peter finds Inge and other Hitler Youth dead
  • Scene where Peter runs from approaching Soviet troops
  • In extended edition, scene where Peter shoots a Soviet soldier
48Hitler talks about the Battle of Berlin (aka Bunker Scene 2) [ext]
49Peter Kranz hides in the artillery crater [noDl]
50Keitel, Krebs and others talk [ext]
  • Scene begins with Goebbels children playing tag blindfolded
  • Scene with one of the children bumps into Krebs and he giggles
51Hitler talks to Keitel
  • Scene where Hitler is looking at his map through a magnifying glass
52Battle Scenes (fifth part - well)
  • Scene where an artillery shell falls near a well
  • Peter Kranz regains consciousness inside the bomb crater he's lying in
  • Peter Kranz encountered someone's hand sticking out of the rubble beside him and quickly gets up and runs away
53Bormann informs Hitler
  • Scene with Traudl passing a folder to Bormann
  • Scene about Hitler receiving news on Göring's betrayal and ranting about it
  • Scene with Speer, Traudl and Linge in the hallway outside the room where Hitler continues to rant
  • Scene with Goebbels and Hewel on the couch
54Speer and Traudl talk
55Peter Kranz in the fog [noDl]
  • Scene where Peter sees a woman with a gas mask pushing a stroller
56Magda, Eva and Bormann talk to Speer
57Speer's last conversation with Hitler
  • Scene with a lot of silence
  • Scene where Hitler breaks his pencil
  • Scene with Hitler crying
58Peter returns home [ext] [noDl]
59Traudl and the singing Goebbels children [ext] [noDl]
  • Scene where Traudl conducts the children singing
60Hitler meets Greim and Reitsch
  • Scene where von Greim is being treated and Hitler pays a visit
  • Grawitz appears briefly in the hallway
61Hitler Eating Scene
  • Scene where Hitler talks during the meal
  • Scene where Hitler is informed of Himmler's betrayal, and he rants about it
62Hitler Explains Scene
  • Scene where Hitler talks to von Greim, Reitsch, and Goebbels
63Traudl and Eva discuss Fegelein's flee [ext] [noDl]
  • Scene where they are smoking inside
64Hitler, Grawitz and Günsche (Reviews / Informed / Pros and Cons)
  • Full scene includes Hitler's dialogues with Grawitz and Günsche
65Grawitz family's suicide
  • Scene where Grawitz detonates two grenades
66Högl enters the brothel [noDl]
67Fegelein's Arrest Scene
68Eva wants Hitler to spare Fegelein
  • Scene with Eva kneeling before Hitler
69Weidling and Mohnke inform Hitler (Bunker Scene 3, pt1)
  • Scene with Hitler entering and exiting the situation room
  • Scene with Mohnke pointing at a map
  • Scene where Weidling shows Hitler the folder of papers
  • Scene with Goebbels and Weidling getting in an argument
  • Scene where Krebs takes notes in a notebook
70Generals discuss and Burgdorf gets angry (Bunker Scene 3, pt2)
71Fegelein Execution Scene
  • Scene where Fegelein says "Heil Hitler!"
72Traudl is late to Hitler's dictation [diff] [noDl]
  • Traudl is in bed, then sits up in a hurry
  • Traudl walks by a group of people, and they are all discussing suicide
73Hitler will scene
  • Scene where Hitler dictates his will
74Hitler wedding scene [diff]
  • At the end of the wedding scene, Hitler pulls aside Krebs to discuss a report he received
75Goebbels crying scene
76Mohnke caught in the artillery fire [noDl]
  • Mohnke and his adjutant run across the street, and Mohnke stops to carry him when he gets hurt.
77Mohnke talks to Hitler
  • Scene where Hitler is sitting on his bed, trembling
78Hitler and his generals receive telegram from Keitel (Bunker Scene 4, pt1)
  • Scene with Gunsche running down the hallway
79Hitler instructs Günsche (Bunker Scene 4, pt2)
  • Scene where Hitler places his hand on Gunsche's chest
  • Günsche makes a phone call to Kempka
80Haase, Flegel and Schenck meet Hitler
  • Haase, Erna Flegel (the nurse) and Schenck meet Hitler, and Flegel cries
  • The singing Goebbels children make a brief appearance in the hallway
81The doctors and the drunken people / Bunker Jokes
  • Scene where people are drinking, including Gunsche, Hewel, Krebs, Tornow and Burgdorf
  • Later joined by Eva, Traudl and Stehr
  • Bunker Jokes proper
82Soldiers deliver gasoline to the bunker
83Blondi is killed
  • Scene where Blondi barks in the toilet booth, and later gets killed with cyanide pill
  • Scene where Schenck is going in and out of the bathroom
84Traudl's last chat with Eva [noDl]
  • Scene where Eva gives Traudl her fur coat
  • Scene where Eva looks in the mirror
85Hitler's last supper
86Traudl and Gerda smoke in the generator room [ext] [noDl]
87Hitler's Farewell Scene
  • Scene where Hitler gives Magda Goebbels his party button
88Magda begs Hitler
  • Scene where Magda falls to her knees and holds onto Hitler
89Hitler Suicide Scene
  • Scene where Traudl make tarts for the Goebbels children
  • Scene where Hitler commits suicide
90Krebs and others walk through the streets of Berlin [noDl]
  • Krebs going to Chuikov's military headquarters
91Krebs meets General Chuikov [diff]
92Goebbels Rants Scene
  • Scene with Burgdorf trying to shoot Fritzsche
93Magda drugs her children
94Joseph Goebbels gives a last testament
95Goebbels Children Murder Scene
96Weidling announces Berlin's surrender [diff]
97Krebs and Burgdorf's suicide
98Joseph and Magda suicide
99Mohnke convinces Schenck to evacuate [ext]
  • Scene with Schädle shooting himself
100Berlin's breakthrough [diff]
  • Scene where everyone's running through the burning streets and the subways
  • This download link includes this scene and all of the following ones, up until Schenck's Conversation.
101Soviet women in the Bunker
102German soldiers gathered in a plaza
103Günsche scouts the Soviets [noDl]
104Traudl and Peter walk past the Soviets [noDl]
  • Scene where a drunk Soviet soldier scared Traudl *hitless
105Schenck's conversation with Stehr and Hewel [diff]
  • Scene with Schenck, Mohnke, Günsche, Hewel and Stehr in a holdout
  • Scene with the guy who holds a white handkerchief
  • Scene where Hewel and Stehr commit suicides
106Traudl and Peter leave Berlin
  • Scene with Traudl and Peter holding hands
107Fates of surviving characters scene
  • The download link for the prologue/epilogue includes this scene.
  • Final Scene
List retrieved from the Grand Unified Downfall Scenes Database.


ext Scenes only in extended edition
diff Scenes differ between theatrical and extended edition
noDl Scenes without known download link
mf - mediafire links
yt - YouTube video links (see Tutorial:YouTube on how to download YouTube videos)

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