The following is a list of parodies that lasted longer than 10-15 minutes and multi-part parodies. This does not include parodies made in series, such as Viva La Fegel and Hitler's Trip to Japan.


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Title Running time Made by Status Remarks
2012 Der Untergang 120 REMOVED
Antic Horizon 29 Beom Jun Koo AVAILABLE
The Antic Menace 63 DictatorAntics AVAILABLE
A Parody In Its Entire Length 10 BloodofSpartans AVAILABLE The whole Downfall film. Only one part is uploaded.
The Assassination of Hitler 41 Hitler Rants Parodies AVAILABLE Excludes trailers, Hitler is also informed of this
Battle for the Bunker 74 Soalric AVAILABLE Episode 5 is currently on Vimeo.
The Brotherhood of Fegelein 20 Hitler Rants Parodies AVAILABLE Has a prelude series.
The Bunker Civil War 20 Benad361 REMOVED
The Console Wars 37 Joster285 AVAILABLE Extended version available, here.
Der Disneygang 41 Soalric AVAILABLE
The Downfall of Gaia Online 28 NeutralityChecker Available Two versions of Part 5 exist.
The Downfall Parody Movie 106 ASSHOLELA REMOVED The whole Downfall film. Only a draft version was available before its removal.
Ebenezer Hitler: A Nazi Christmas Carol 16 Pikachu53 Downfall Parodies AVAILABLE
The Enemy Within 50 Hitler Rants Parodies AVAILABLE A sequel to War of The Hitlers.
Fegelein the Führer 24 joster285 AVAILABLE
Fegelein turns Hitler & the Bunker into a Flash Cartoon 31 WonkyTonkBotty AVAILABLE
Fool's Day: Hitler vs. Fegelein 19 vzorkic AVAILABLE
Führerbunker of the Dead 20 joster285 REMOVED Joster285's personal favorite parody
The Good Günsche, The Bad Fegelein, The Ugly Hitler 161 gagislobista REMOVED The whole The Good, The Bad, The Ugly film. Copyright claimed by MGM
​Hitler and the Invasion of Kuwait 20 FegelDolfParodies AVAILABLE
The Jodl Rebellion 46 Hitler Rants Parodies AVAILABLE
​Hitler And Co. In Corpse Party 48 Martroid 98 AVAILABLE
Hitler and the Last Witch 53 DarkLordKiller AVAILABLE
​Hitler finds out President Kennedy's Death 14 gerjerry99 REMOVED
Hitler goes to Silent Hill 11 BigUndertaker AVAILABLE
Hitler is Informed El Chupacabras is Loose in the Bunker 15 MaximillianZakes AVAILABLE
Hitler plans to have Justin Bieber Killed 11 Soalric AVAILABLE
​Hitler plans to kill PhoenixFirebreath 43 NeinTails95NL REMOVED

Made when going by the name of PhoenixFirebreath. Had a sequel, both are no longer available.

Hitler plans to start a Rock Band 19 NeinTails95NL AVAILABLE Original made in 2012. Remake is now completed. Also watchable as a full version but is blocked in some countries.
Hitler The Movie 28 EdShengo REMOVED
Hitler vs Justin Bieber Fans 36 Hitler Rants Parodies AVAILABLE
Hitler Vs Khan 21 Hitler Rants Parodies AVAILABLE
Hitler's Election Downfall 28 Hitler Rants Parodies AVAILABLE
​Hitler's Hurricane Situation 32 MegaMr46 AVAILABLE
Hitler's Llama Priest 23 TheSilverUniverse AVAILABLE
Resolution Revolution 31 Joster285 AVAILABLE Extended version available, here.
Rise of the Koopa King 188 Fürocious Führer AVAILABLE
Rosen Wars: Revenge of the Plamz Benad361 REMOVED
Sonic’s Space Adventures Against Hitler 263 Avidsonicfan1991 AVAILABLE
Terminator Downfall 24 Ggctuk REMOVED
Tukhachevsky versus Fegelein 40 Benad361 REMOVED
The Twelve Days of Christmas with Hitler and Friends Benad361, HitchcockJohn REMOVED
War of The Hitlers 149 Hitler Rants Parodies AVAILABLE
The War of the Verrats 76 PotatoParodies AVAILABLE
Mini-Me Hitler 16 JennieParker87 AVAILABLE
Unterganger Prison 18 JennieParker87 AVAILABLE
Hitler for President (2012) 26 Hitler Rants Parodies AVAILABLE
Hitler for President (2016) 35 Hitler Rants Parodies AVAILABLE
The Origins of Krusty Krebs 16 JJ All-star AVAILABLE
Hitler Enters the Red Room 16 WonkyTonkBotty AVAILABLE
Red Army vs. Godzilla 12 F-A Alexander AVAILABLE Alternate link
Hitler's YouTube Purge 24 Beom Jun Koo AVAILABLE
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Upcoming / Ongoing

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Title Made by Status Remarks / Summary
Back to the Reich Hitler Rants Parodies Ongoing
Down Fall Sonic Saga soniccis96_metrostar & MetroVG Ongoing Parody based on Sonic the Hedgehog OVA but with Downfall sounds.
The Final Conflict Hitler Rants Parodies Ongoing A sequel to War of The Hitlers and The Enemy Within.
United Nazi War Meowjar Ongoing
Grand Master of the Antic Order Venkyra21 Ongoing
The Downfall of Godzilla F-A Alexander Upcoming Was released before the first episode got taken down by Toho Company and eventually, the whole series got scrapped. The reworked version will be a Vimeo exclusive.
Hitler Sends Göring to Africa Various Ongoing First season and first episode of the second season are made by Dumb Fish Parodies.
Der Untergang: The Parody Various Ongoing A full spoof of Downfall, reminescent of ASSHOLELA's Downfall Parody Movie.
Der Frozengang JJ All-star Ongoing Prologue blocked worldwide. Alternate link here.
Unnamed Downfall/Kamen Rider crossover F-A Alexander Upcoming
The Uprise DolfyKeepRanting Ongoing
The Bunker Assassin The Jononator Ongoing
Hitler Works in UBER The Shogun Ongoing
Fegelein's Phantom F-A Alexander Upcoming
Jodl Da Objector Weird Hitler Parodies Ongoing
The Ultimate Destruction Against Nazi GeneBernardinoLawl Ongoing

Scrapped / In development hell

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Title Made by
Apocalypse Jodl FegelStationChannel
Downfall Parodies: Deadliest Species FegelStationChannel
Fegelein the Führer 2 Joster285
Hitler's Resurrection TheSilverUniverse
Przygody Adolfa StudioLucek
Tukhachevsky: A Game of Antics Benad361
Walther Wenck: The Fine Rebellion wilmolfc
The Antic Revolution Godfrey Raphael
Universal Soldier: Project Untergang FegelStationChannel
Downfall Parodies: Dune FegelStationChannel
Hitler's Starship Troopers FegelStationChannel
Hitler's Teleportation Dilemma FegelStationChannel
Antic World War: Rise of Antonescu Benad361
Hitler vs Rock Music War Dimitri277
The Antics Strike Back DictatorAntics
Göring's Revenge Gb. Alexander
Downfall in Stalingrad Gb. Alexander
Star Antics Gb. Alexander
Reich War I sonic7emerald
Hitler's Boundaries SnipSnapParodies
The Volk Retires KurwaAntics
The Harris Strikes Back KurwaAntics
Tale of Günsche Zano0
Hitler Invades Fegeldathu Gb. Alexander
Hitler and the Last War DarkLordKiller

Fake trailers

Title Made By
Fegelein: Revenge of the Antics Edudn01
Hitler vs. Fegelein notoriousrob01
Fegelein the Movie Ggctuk
The Goebbels Touch Smell of the Ice
The Bunker Games Soalric
Unterception Soalric
Man of Antics Soalric


Hitler's 2012 TheSilverUniverse
The Hitler Kid TheSilverUniverse
Fast & Führerious 6 - Official Trailer Subtitlecomedy
Batführer v Superfegel: Dawn of Parodies TheUnknownHitler
Dolf-Bond 088 (Spectre) TheOwl18
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