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Adolf Hitler, Heinz Linge



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An idea made by FuhrerFegelein, Lingepedias refers to short videos in which Hitler asks Linge about something, after which either Linge replies with a one-liner or a video clip related to the topic is shown.

Yeontura picked up the idea after watching FuhrerFegelein's originals, and made an "article" of its own in February 2011, complete with its own logo, which is a spoof of the Wikipedia logo. DeltaForce62, notoriousrob01, nietzscheprime, and Mitchell Hang followed suit afterwards (nietzscheprime created his own spin-off called Mohnkepedia) and it has become a submeme on its own.

Trapped Antics later picked up on the idea and started the wiki hosted on Wikia. It is periodically maintained. Any users can contribute to it if they wish.

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