Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev (December 19, 1906 – November 10, 1982) was the General Secretary of the Central Committee in the Soviet Union.

He was one of only two people who won the Hero of the Soviet Union award four times (The other being Marshal Georgy Zhukov), and he also has more than 200 awards on top of those.

In the Parodies

Brezhnev appears in the Khrushchev Rants series of parodies as Khrushchev's informer. He has been labeled as the Russian equivalent of Otto Günsche. However, unlike Günsche, who tells Hitler dumb things, Brezhnev is more quiet and prefers to do things like stare out of the window. He also appears to be afraid of his balding boss, where he wipes his sweaty palms on his pants. Moreover, he helps Khrushchev defeat Gaddafi by being the target of the papers of utter chaos thrown by Khrushchev (Gaddafi's papers of doom VS Khrushchev's papers of utter chaos by DictatorAntics.)

He is also famous for his fuzzy eyebrows and (like Günsche) his height.

Comparisons to other informers

Comparisons with Günsche
Brezhnev Günsche
Both are informers who doesn't talk much, stares a lot and gets ranted at
Both are tall
The titular character in the film he's in
(in case the film title Brezhnev doesn't make that clear enough)
A side character in Downfall
Holds a high rank (as Secretary General) in the CCCP Holds a moderate rank (Stürmbannführer) in the SS
Physically at the receiving end of Khrushchev's rants, where he get papers thrown at his face Most of Hitler's rants are directed at Fegelein.
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