lbrione was an American Unterganger and musician, who at his peak had 1,300 subscribers and 216 videos, although not all of them were Downfall parodies. He was one of the few Untergangers who were also Pink Floyd fans. He was known for his "The Real Life Situations at the Bunker with Hitler and Gunsche" series.

He had also uploaded the whole Downfall movie on his channel, although it was later taken down.


According to his Facebook profile (which was linked on his channel, though the latter no longer exists), his name is Kenneth Briones. He created his channel in March 2011. Along with Downfall parodies, he also uploaded several non-Downfall videos.

HRP's outro copying controversy

On 27 April 2012 he uploaded "Hitler is informed that he left his car door open", which used the second outro created by HRP, albeit a sped up version. This caused some uproar to some Untergangers, as it was thought that he used the outro to capitalise on the success of the Hitler Rants Parodies brand.

Lbrione didn't give up on using the outro at first, according to the two videos that he uploaded as a reaction.

However, on 11 July 2012, he stopped using HRP's outro and instead placed a message stating "What happened to the stolen outro? Find out later". On 17 July he posted a video in which he apologised.


On 26 July 2012 he announced that he would no longer make Downfall parodies and instead make parodies based on a Spanish television series, A Maid in Manhattan. He didn't exclude the possibility of a mini-movie parody though, at least at first.  However, he has since closed (suicided) his channel.

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