L33TH3R34P3R (Lee The Reaper), also known as L33TH or L33T on the Untergangers Chat, is a British Unterganger, who created his YouTube channel on 21 September 2011, but did not upload his first Downfall parody until 27 March 2012.

Spotted by Smoglessbutton4 on 9 May 2012, he joined the Downfall Parodies Forum community on the 11th of that month. On that same day he joined the Unterganger's Chat, and uploaded 6 parodies during that weekend. One of these was the infamous and controversial Hitler is informed of the Williams pit garage fire , which gained over 60 dislikes as of 17 May 2012. As of 23rd September 2012, he has 76 subscribers and over 86,000 views. A mini view-surge occured between 5–14 August 2012 in which 7 of 9 days accumulated over 1000 views in a 24-hour period. This was mostly due to Olympic themed parodies released on or around the forementioned dates. As of the 23rd September 2012, his most successful parody in terms of view count is Hitler reviews the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony, with over 15,500 views.

However, since May 2013, there have been no further uploads from him and he is considered to be dormant.

Notable Parodies

Some of his most famous parodies include Hitler reviews the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony, (mentioned above), Hitler is informed Manchester City won the Premier League title , Hitler reacts to Usain Bolt winning the 2012 Olympics 100m final (This won a DPA for August 2012), and the various Hitler's F1 bets parodies based off the real Formula One World Championship. Most recently, this became a series involving a syndicate of some of Hitler's generals including Jodl, Burgdorf, Krebs, Fegelein, and others.

Other famous, non-sporting parodies include Hitler hears of the Trololo Man's illness and passing, which was made as a tribute to Eduard Khil , otherwise known as the Trololo man , who passed away on the 3rd June 2012. This parody won him his first Downfall Parody Award in the June 2012 DPA's.


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