Kyle Broflovski(凯尔·布罗夫洛夫斯基)is a Fourth-generation Chinese unterganger. He specializes in producing Chinese Hitler Gaming Parodies. He is also known as a former GMOD Private Server Owner and a prominent advocator of Traditional Hitler Gaming Parodies.

He has 37,293 followers on Bilibili and has 1348 videos, including non-Downfall Parodies.

Since 2016 March 1st, he started to create HGPs. He is the second known HGP unterganger and is the most persistent uploader of HGPs.

He is the leader of the Hitler Plays Video Games Alliance of China (中国元首玩游戏联盟), of which he founded in 2017 July 9th, and created the HAC wiki in 2018 April 19th. Due to this, he is often considered as the Chinese counterpart of Hitler Rants Parodies Kyle is often looked upon as a mentor or godfather to Hitler Gaming Untergangers from the Chinese Mainland.

His fan "bilign16802" will sometimes help him translate his Hitler Gaming Parodies.

His name is derived from [1] one of the main characters in South Park, though he rarely watches the show.

Kyle is the only known Chinese Mainland unterganger who uploads HGPs to Youtube.

Friendship entry:Jenny_Sugar, a co-founder of HAC.


The following is from the HAC Wiki (元联维基) and may be inaccurate due to the translation problems.

As early as 2016, he had a record of uploading HPGS to YouTube. but, he later deleted all the videos because of fear of being a copyright complaint by ViacomCBS and did not re-upload HPGS until 2017.

he it October 2015, his name was changed to Kyle Broflovski. In the early days, he was mainly active in YTPMV Group and mainly carried other videos (such as GTA, Windows, air crash, administrative divisions, etc.)

In mid-February 2016, he made "Hitler watches suicidemouse.avi again"
(video later removed due to gore controversies), and this video was identified as the predecessor of the "HGP Series".

Later, he was inspired by other YT untergangers and HGP uploaders, and started to create "Hitler Plays AGK.exe" as well as "Hitler Plays Fegelein.exe".

Kyle produced the "Domestic Google Map Evolution" Series in early 2018, but they gained little views, as none of his fans were able to acept his new focal shift, which is a sharp contrast with his HGPs. He was so sidetracked by HGPs that eventually they gained a lot more views that his supposed primary focus vids, the Google Maps Evolution project. (Might as well as depend on destiny, they said)

In the summer of 2019, Kyle's video transport services, particularily for those that are not very critical, were relocated to his secondary account named "Stan Marsh". He generally makes custom vids with his primary account. 

Kyle's parodies dominated and perhaps monopolized the entire HGP communitiy mainland China for extended periods. Thus, he was viewed as an decisive figure within such communities regardsless if he is present or not. This lasted until Longge Huihuang's (another HGP unterganger) popularity reached that of Kyle's level, thus turning them into the two kings of Chinese Untergangers. Despite this, they do not tend to act like authoritive figures.

He once said that "If a series is good, you do not need to promote it, for viewers will swarm them anyways. If vise versa, you should not be there to promote it." The great irony is that he often advertised his Google Maps Series in the Baidu Tieba (Chinese equivalent of Reddit, which is equally as toxic) and still yielded little views. There are many hypocritical examples such as Kyle claiming not to be interested in L4D2 vids but eventually still made some anyways.

For Kyle's historry with his videos and fans, please refer to his evolution history video on YouTube.

AGKGPs (Angry German Kid Gaming Parodies)

Kyle uploaded a series of AGKGPs on Bilibili on July 4, 2016 as an extension of the "Universal German language" meme regarding mondegreens, though he quickly terminated the series with only five videos, as he claims that they only impeded his progress on HGPs. In 2018 November 23, Kyle uploaded new AGKGP videos and renamed the series to "The Angry German Kid", though he still took excessive amounts of time to update it. In 2020 January 20, Kyle claimed that AGK will be merged into the Bunker, which marked the end of the series at 8 episodes.

TTS Plays Video Games Series

On January 30, 2019, Kyle first tried to use text-to-speech to make video (TTS play games). However, the excessive cost caused him to quickly give up. He only ptoduced one episode.

Chinese Map & Plague Inc. Incident

Kyle uploaded the "Hitler replays Plague Inc: Evolved" in season 6, and that video also got taken down, but not the same as the HPGS fourth season (the fourth season was also affected by the Chinese map controversy on the night of February 28, 2020). This time, the officials claimed that it was against regulations, which greatly angered Kyle. He was seriously triggered when the officials refused to tell him exact reasons. In response, he created "Hitler is triggeded because he failed to pass Plague Inc: Evolved", then uploaded it to Bilibili and YouTube, which caused it to be taken down again as this was seen as an act of aggression against BiliBili Reviewers. Enraged, Kyle attacked the reviewers on Twitter and Weibo (the accusations were later deleted by himself). However, what he did was futile. Late he uploaded the full version on AcFun and publish a fully-censored version (with black shades) on BiliBili and a basic version censoring everything that mentions China. Shortly after, the conflict died down.

Two and a half years later, Kyle uploaded the "Hitler plays Plague Inc. Evolved (Neurax Worm)" in the HGPs'12th season and encountered the map controversy again, but this time it was only blocked a few days after The full version on YouTube remains unaffected. This caused CCP to remove the Plague Inc app from the Chinese app store. In addition, the videos of the fourth season and the basic censored version of the sixth season were both affected. Reportedly, it occurred as early as February 27, 2020, so it is historically known as the "February 27 Incident."

Plague Inc: Evoved's main problem in China's map is that it's missing Aksai Chin, southern Tibet, Taiwan and Hainan, but included Mongolia and Bhutan (This was technically a problem on the developers' part as a programming limitation, and has nothing to do with Kyle). Under the Chinese map incident, the Bilibili reviewers commited an extemely dirty act, backstabbing Kyle in the process. They ironically prevented some similar videos of being taken down, even if they refused to censor China, like Kyle did. However, they were eventually removed like Kyle's videos in the end during the Feb 27 incident. It is widely considered by those who are aware of the incident that Kyle's actions caused the game's takedown (Ndemic refused to acknowledge the incident, possibly to prevent Kyle and other untergangers from being harassed). Later on, the steam version can no longer be purchased for Chinese users, though the ones who had it prior to the events are unaffected.

The Child Gore indicent

Around January 23, 2018, many Chinese video sharing sites were raided by Child Gore videos, causing some videos to be censored and even affecting the creepypasta community. This included the "Kamikaze Mickey Mouse" and "Kamikaze Squidward" urban legends (Which were often classified as such for no apparent reason), as well as "Hitler Plays Happy Mouse.EXE". Kyle's relevant videos were also censored, including those outtakes from the HGPs. Due to this, he announced that development of creepypasta vids would be suspended indefinitely. The ones he uploaded to YT were not affected.

International Expansion

In response to the potential that Foreign viewers would comment on the lack of English subtitles in his parodies (even though he marked them as Chinese parodies already), he renamed these miscallaneous information back to Chinese. Originally, the purpose was to incidate the existence of Chinese Untergangers before he turned to using YT as a backup against Chinese censorship. The English titles returned some time later. Kyke tried to upload HGPs on YT since 2016. However,  he is terrified at the potential of a doxxing incident as well as lawsuits from Contstantin Films, not to mention that he would end up being insulted by other foreign untergangers as toilet. This caused him to delete all the videos. The irony, however, is that he later re-uploaded HGPs again to YT.

Intrestingly, B Timistrofsky provided a video titled "Hitler rates Kyle's parodies" in mid-Feburary of 2020. He hopes that Kyle will upload moe YT videos which in turn may assist in expanding HAC's influence.

Controversial fanbase charging regulations

In an attempt to mitigate the excessive parody material uploading in his groups, as well as to banish the beggers, Kyle held 2 votes. This resulted in the extensive payment & charging as well as improvements in relevant policies, which neutralized the crisis. Howeverr, this also triggered some beggers, causing them to create Anti-Kyle groups instead. Unlike HRP though, Kyle keeps little attention on these people.

"Good policies come with disagreements, so just take it or leave" - Kyle

Extreme Political Crisis: The Malay Monkey Quartet

In 2018 July 8th, the Malay Monkey incident occured, much to the shock of ALL Kyle fans. It was so severe that the HAC Co-Founder, Jenny Sugar, was also a victim along with Kyle.

Please visit Jenny Sugar's page forr more info.

The Red Mist

Kyle's "Hitler plays Kindergarden" video was censored due to BiliBili's excessive reviewing policies against violence and gore. Enraged, he accused the reviewers' actions as blatant betrayal and backstabbing. However his protests didn't reach far before other uploaders' Kindergarden videos were also censored, so he left the incident lying in the dust.

In 2020 Feburary, some Kyle Fans discovered that the censorship ended so Kyle re-uploaded the same video and it passed inspection. His fan/translator bilign16802 censored the South Park content, however. The video was later taken down in 2020 March 31st for obscure reasons.

South Park "Chinese Insult" incident

In 2019 October, South Park season 23, episode 2 was aired. However, as it was a mockery to CCP's actions (mostly insulting China for utilizing cencorship to maintain politcial stability), CCP started to ban South Park. This caused South Park videos to be holocausted all over the place, and resulted in the blocking of the Chinese South Park Wiki. For more information, please visit the article "October 4th incident"

In the case of BiliBili, they started to mow down South Park videos since 2019 October 4th. The measure was rather drastic as they even intentionally banned OSTs, parodies, and music videos, as well as South Park blog posts and fan art. Some of Kyle's vids were affected. For example, his "Hitler Plays South Park Games" videos are all blocked if they contained clips from South Park. Due to the extreme incompetence (and perhaps corruption) within the reviewers, Kyle took long to re-upload them. Additionally, they will still censor his parodies if Kyle's mood indexes and/or his PFP were included in the preview image of the videos.

He later mocked CCP's excessive actions in some other parodies, such as "Hitler re-plays COD8 Modern Warfare 3" (phone scene), "Hitler Plays Untertale Part 5 (Pacifist Playthrough 1)". Even the "Kirbyman" parody that he made as a spin-off got censored. The final video was re-made in December 21st where he replaced the "Don't do that" with some other elements. The video was again wrongfully censored thereafter.

During the ban wave, even the mood index videos were affected. They were either taken down or removed from production later on. Due to the potential negatives of the banned images, Kyle started to use shield images instead. Later on in the 13th season, he utilized new Hat Man images. As the censorship escalated in October 12th, however, Kyle changed his PFP to Bendy, matching that of his QQ avatar. The same wave struck his stream room, which caused his avatar there to be also replaced.

Since October 15th, many season 9-season 12 videos with Kyle's PFP and the words "Lama" (Monk in Chinese) were taken down. Some of the videos were permanently lost while others were re-uploaded by Kyle and his fans. Note that the CCP was intentionally downplaying, as the Original German phrase roughly translates to "I will be like a poor lama." They had to replace Lama with a character's name in GTAV, namely Lamar Davis (Hate it? Blame the CCP).

As for his nickname, Kyle held a vote in 16th asking his fan regarding a name change. Most were no votes so his name was kept. From October 30th to November 11st, the "Hitler plays COD Modern Warfare 3" was re-made by his translator fan, bilign16802. 16802 replaced parts of the  the credits section, in paticular "South Park Producers" and "US Comedy Central" were rreplaced by "CCTV" (who translated many international shows) and "Yi-Zhou-Ren" (A Chinese film publisher), respectively.

In 2019 December 14th, Kyle got a Bendy avatar with South Park Character Kyle's cosmetics as a PFP from an artist. It was not censored.

In 2020 Janurary 10th, Kyle officially used colored EDs in "Hitler Plays Rolling Sky Part 3" and the credits were the same as that of "Hitler Plays COD MW3".

In 2020 Feburary 29th, Kyle's avatar returrned to the original but it was censored for unknown reasons, so he changed that back to Hat Man, and later to his 2020 March Avatar.

Nintendo Copyright Incident

On January 30, 2020, Nintendo began censoring YouTube's "Kirby: Right Back at Ya!" MVs, which led to Kyle's "Hitler plays Kirby's Return to Dream Land part 1" and other similar videos were taken down by YouTube. Kyle angrily criticized that YT was attempting to downplay him in a poly. Soon, his translator bilign16802 made the new YT version of the opening and ending credits for his removed videos.

The copy he uploaded to BiliBili was not affected.

Involvement in HAC Term 210

Due to LGHH's significant controbutions to the HAC, Kyle's fans created Term 210, which he approved. As a result, LGHH is now officially an HAC co-founder.

Involvement in HAC Term 217

In Feburary 2020, Kyle discovered that Mark, a former HAC untergabger, continued to categorize his videos being associated with HAC. Failing to obtain a response, Jenny Sugar created HAC Term 217, which was approved by Kyle. This resulted in Mark's expulsion and partially led to the HAC-Mark Conflict.

As it was installed in noon, 2020 Feburary 17th, it was thus named term 217, becoming the first properly named and defined term in HAC.

Iqiyi Video Theft

In 2020 Feburary 9th, Kyle discovered that a user on Iqiyi had been illegally stealing and uploading his videos. The incident escalated as the thefts continued to 25th. In a burst of rage, Kyle made a video criticizing the culprit, and encouraged his fans to report the suspect. Interestingly, B Timistrofsky, a Kyle fan, found that the same thief also stole a piece of artwork that was illegally disrtibuted, and even got into contact with the original author. Although Timistrofsky originally intended to utilize Chinese laws to prosecute him, the author mysteriously dissapeared. It was also confirmed that he stole HRP's videos, though Hitler Rants Parodies doesn't seem to be aware or refused to intervene. Due to this incident, in 25th Kyle attempted to join the "Uploader Copyright Protection Program." He was rejected because not all of his videos were 100% original (This includes his misc videos unrelated to downfall). However, many in his community speculated that as Video-Theft bots are backed by powerful, corrupt sponsors, that program is in fact a useless facade and they will have to keep an eye for thefts in the future.

Anti-Theft Fishing Videos[2]

In 2020 Feburary 26th, Kyle's translator bilign16802 created a 10-second clip in imitation to the "Youtube Unavaliable video" warning. Kyle later installed it in ALL his videos in an effort to fool bandit bots from stealing his videos, He later deleted the video for some reason, but he did not remove them from his episodes.

Hat Men Mood indexes


Some time in 2020 Feburary, Jenny Sugar suggested that they should replace the Shield icons with Hat Men icons. However, bilign16802, the original creator of the Shield emotes, was seriously triggered and launched a truckload of excuses to delay that. Eventually, the Hat Men emotes were handed to Kyle and in the 13th Season's "Mood Index votes" reccieved an overwhelming victory against the original ones.

In 2020 Feburary 29th, prior to the 13th season, Kyle was supposed to use the Hat Men emotes in his videos, though fans reported that BiliBili official stopped blocking South Park-relevant content, so Kyle replaced his avatar to the original, though it got censored again. Additionally, an intro vid containing an older version of Kyle's avatar was re-uploaded by bilign16802, though it got taken down too, so he resorted to using Hat Men anyways.

Funny Trivia


In the midst of the Mark-HAC conflict, Jenny was authorized to use Kyle's account to keep the plan going. [4]

Jenny's quotes can be translated as:

  • I am the HAC Commissioner who stole Kyle's account
  • You and Kyle's mothers will be destroyed

One of the "insults" originated from a much earlier unknown incident.

Why HGP?

According to private interviews, Kyle does not speak Mandarian, which is why he made HGPs

He uploaded a Mandarian game streaming vid in QQ but it was deleted in Spring 2020

Real-Time Crossovers

It was rumored that in HPG Season 13 Episode 12, Kyle and Jenny succeded in completing a real-time crossover (within the same video game). This started when Kyle's original material had Jenny's involvement while Jenny also had recorded some files.

Curently, Jenny Sugar (CSGO) and bilign16802 (Dancing Line) ae the only untergangers who had crossover gaming with Kyle. (Technically, bilign's one was just a standard crossover, not real-time, as nobody knows what they're doing after they ended online communication)

Black History

Kyle (Formerly named "Ubisoft Sphere") was a former sever owner, which indluded "Chinese Gary's Mod Server" and "Ubisoft Sphere's Server" but after Gmod officials ended support for private severs, his former allies betrayed him. As a result, he turrned into a highly productive HPG unterganger.

Kyle has ZERO static hobbies. He used to be a Typhoon Fan, Nintendo Fan, Astronomy Fan, though now he's a Chip Music & Ringtone Fan. He generally follows trends and has little focus on most subjects.

Although originally his avatar and name was from a South Park character he almost never watches it. This may cause him to be occasionally mocked, so he'd claim that he's not a true South Park fan, as if he used to be an honest one.

Due to serious life problems he attempted suicide in 2017 December 13th, but failed. In 2018 March 2nd he tried that again after his phone dropped from a bridge into the water, though he's still alive and well.

In 2019 June, he used to have mocked himself intentionally with a Kyle Parody, but it was taken down in 2019 October 15th.

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