“keep making good Downfall Parodies. If you don't have any idea, take a break and let your imagination flow”

Kumichi58 is an Unterganger from Indonesia. He is considered to be among the youngest members of the community, alongside Brylimanjay95 and Nerdington 0. He has produced 60 parodies and currently has 10K views and 213 subscribers as of February 2014. He also accepts parody requests (see External links).


Before the name Kumichi58 was born, he used the name cooldude95 for his channel. He uploaded 2 parodies and retired. Kumichi58 joined the community again in 25 October 2012. His (not so) first parody is FEGEL-VIRUS. He makes mostly one parody every week.

He eventually stumbled upon the Untergangers Chat and made friends with Hitlerrantsparodies, JennieParker87, DictatorAntics, KnightTemplar1453 , and many others. He soon become attached to this circle and soon participated in contests that other Untergangers organize, such as the "Create a picture" by JennieParker87 , and the Downfall Reenacment Contest 2.0 by DictatorAntics.

His influence is Brylimanjay95, and his greatest influence is Hitler Rants Parodies.


His styles are FX parodies, traditional parodies, and funny pictures of Hitler. His first parody was a traditional parody, after which he switched to FX-based parodies.


On the 15th of April, 2014, he announced that he will retire. His retirement will take place on the 22th of April, 2014. He didn't give an explicit reason for it. Since the 22th of April has passed, he can be considered retired.


On the 23rd of November 2014, he announced that he will come out of retirement and make new parodies.

He posted his first parody of his return on 24 November 2014 and he will keep making parodies. He's also planning to make some gaming videos.

Future Parodies

  • Slendolfman
  • Funny pictures of Hitler
  • Göring snores while Hitler is planning to kill Fegelein

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