Krebsylovesfish was a British untergangerin who started making parodies in June 2017. She retired in August 2018 and deleted her channel in October of that year.


Krebsylovesfish initially discovered Downfall parodies around 2010-11. She enjoyed them immensely and wanted to make her own, but did not have the technology or editing knowledge to. Her favourite Untergangers from this time were TheSilverUniverse, HitlerRantsParodies, FegeleintheLostTapes and Echoes1224.

After a couple of years, she stopped watching parodies for a while as she was busy with other things. However, in late spring/early summer 2017 she came across a popular DPMV. Reminding her of her past love for Downfall parodies, she began to look up some names that she remembered from her old parody-watching days. As she watched more and more parodies, she found newer Untergangers as well. 

Krebsylovesfish often refers to herself as being Trash, because she is indeed Trash.


Krebsylovesfish retired unofficially in spring 2018. She made an official retirement statement on her Deviantart in August of that year.

She deleted her channel in October 2018.


Krebsylovesfish's parodies are quite random. She finds inspiration for how she writes the various bunker residents from real life experiences, other Untergangers and also, in some cases, from their real-life counterparts (for example in Hitler Becomes a Male Model , Hitler wears lederhosen shorts as he often seemed to do in real life, much to her amusement). She also loves to use Krebs and Burgdorf (aka Krebsdorf) in her parodies, as they are her favourite characters from the parodies.

Krebsylovesfish is also known to write fanfiction on her DeviantArt page. Of course, many of her fics centre around Krebsdorf.


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