Krebs and others walk through the streets of Berlin is a scene in Downfall that is rarely used in parodies due to it's grim nature showing civilians being executed.

In Downfall

A group of men are being executed by the Greifkommando and Volkssturm for some in front of their families for allegedly aligning with the Soviet Union; two old men manage to escape and come across Peter Kranz and a few other children, who tell the old men to follow them.

Hans Krebs and a few soldiers who are accompanying him to Vasily Chuikov's military headquarters come across the executed civilians, some whom are wearing wooden signs that say "Ich war auf der Seite der roten Bestien" (I was on the side of the Red Beards) and "Ich habe mit den Bolschewiken paktiert!" (I have pacted with the Bolsheviks!).

One of the soldiers tells Krebs he hopes that the Soviets will get the message, to which Krebs responds by saying that they'll find out soon enough, passing by a group of drunken soldiers and women, most likely prostitutes, who are laughing.

In the Parodies

This scene is rarely used in parodies, due to the disturbing nature of it, and the lack of exploitable things to parody in this scene.

The first half, which depicts the execution, is hardly ever used in parodies, while the second half, which shows Krebs and the drunken soldiers, are used in some feature-length parodies such as Resolution Revolution.



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Krebs and others walk through the streets of Berlin
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Krebs meets General Chuikov
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