Krebs and Burgdorf's suicide is a scene in Downfall that is rarely used in parodies.

In Downfall

The last occupants of the Führerbunker gear up with weapons and supplies as they evacuate to try and break through the Soviet encirclement in hopes of escaping Berlin. Traudl Junge is hopeful that they will be able to escape, whereas Gerda Christian expresses her fear saying she won't come only to have Traudl snap her out of it. Traudl, Gerda, and Otto Günsche shake hands with Hans Krebs and Wilhelm Burgdorf saying their final goodbyes as Günsche tells them that "All is good". Erich Kempka and Heinz Linge arrive with Kempka telling the three that it's time to go. Passing by the generator room, Kempa stops with Traudl and Otto and asks Johannes Hentschel if he's coming along. He tells them no as he decides to look after things in the bunker. Günsche mentions to get some Russians and Hentschel says "will do", foreshadowing a later scene.

The two generals stand in the hallway, smoking their last cigarettes. Krebs drops his cigarette and steps on it with his boot. They then close the door, and then two gunshots are fired. Rochus Misch, surprised by the shots, goes to see what happened. He finds the two generals lying dead together on armchairs. Misch then swiftly grabs two handkerchiefs and covers their heads, bothered by the sight.

In Downfall Parodies

Due to its dark nature, the suicidal aspect of the scene itself is rarely parodied, but more of the particular relationship between the two characters are. MabusParodies' use of this scene for his parody of a Nazi anti-smoking ad is an example of such a rare usage.

Untergangers portray Krebs and Burgdorf's relationship, among others, as more than just best friends (as they did in real life) to homosexuality. The scene is one of many that shows the two being very close together and making eye contact.

Notoriousrob01 and PiretBCN used the scene as part of several Burgdorf's Commercials. Ninetales95NL, however, used this scene when Hitler ban their gay marriage, showing that Krebs and Burgdorf actually can't live without each other.

Their corpses are used by Staedty86 to make them look like they are sleeping on the plane Hitler flies on. Meanwhile, mfaizsyahmi reversed the door closing for his Detective Conan-themed 5 Tips With Adolf Hitler parodies, mimicking the title animation sequence of the anime.


  • In the Theatrical edition, the scene comes before Weidling announces Berlin's surrender, but in the Extended edition, it comes after.
  • The beginning of the scene with the last occupants of the bunker leaving is rarely used in parodies.


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