KoffeePerkulator (aka "Koffee") is a male British Unterganger who started uploading in 2011. He has often taken long breaks between uploading parodies but always returns after regaining inspiration.


He first discovered Downfall Parodies in 2011, and quickly opened an account and uploaded his first parody on 25 May 2011. Since then he has uploaded parodies intermittently, with the longest gap so far of 8 months (between September 2011 and May 2012).


All of KoffeePerkulator's parodies have used Windows Movie Maker and Audacity. He has tried to install Sony Vegas Pro, but his computer is too slow to run it properly. As a result, all of his parodies have been in the Modified Traditional style. He is looking forward to upgrading his computer and possibly experimenting with FX parodies in the future.

Notable Parodies

Current Projects

At the moment, KoffeePerkulator is working on a five-part series called "A Fairly Odd Week in the Führerbunker", which may be completed and uploaded in 2014. It will be his last parody.

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