Hitlers finds out his pizza will be late-1359863431

Hitlers finds out his pizza will be late-1359863431

Hitler finds out his pizza will be late, as inspired by KakashiBallZ.

Koasterking212 is an American Untergangerin. He has been making parodies since 2012. He currently has a number of Downfall pardies and is making more.


Koasterking212 was born in February 12, 1998. He is currently in 8th grade. Though he has been on Youtube since 2009, he only started making Hitler parodies in 2012. He is currently focused on making Downfall parodies, as said on his Youtube page.

Parody Style

Koasterking212 has a usual but unique (in a way) parody style. He makes parodies about whatever he is thinking about that day. Sometimes, he gets inspiration from other parodies, such as Hitler Is Informed His Pizza Will Arrive Late by KakashiBallZ. He made a video about the same topic, but using a different Downfall scene (the Original Bunker Scene).

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