Kit Downfall

Kit Kittredge.

Kittredge parodies are parodies that portray American Girl character Kit Kittredge in absurd, comical and/or otherwise unlikely situations, in a similar style to the Hitler, Stalin, Ceausescu, U-Boat, and Gaddafi Parodies.

The parodies often depict the nine-year old as someone with an innocence of a typical schoolgirl and yet with potential ranting ability, yelling at imbeciles that get in her way. While the series first began as an experimental Sony Vegas rotoscoping test by Subtitlecomedy on July 8, 2011, entitled Günsche encounters a visitor at the Bunker, it wasn't until the 16th of August when Nietzscheprime and Subtitlecomedy started a collaborative channel dedicated to the young ranter herself.

Footage Used

Most of the footage used was from the German-language dub of Kit Kittredge: An American Girl, although in most parodies a rotoscoped version of the scene where Kit rants at her father was used, splicing the footage with a blank version of Hitler's office scene in Downfall.


Other characters like Stirling Howard and Ruthie Smithens appeared in certain parodies, although their relationships with Kittredge and their role in the parody crew is still yet to be fleshed out. Ruthie, however, recently expressed her interest in becoming an informer for her friend, and a Cincinnati Register staff member named Billy Peabody showed off his map pointing skills in a certain scene.


  • Outside of the Parody Universe meme, Kittredge was also the subject of an sketch in the animated comedy series MAD, wherein she and her daughter Kitty participated in a child pageant, parodying the controversial Toddlers & Tiaras reality show.

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