Kitrantsparodies is a collab/spin-off channel originally managed by Nietzsche Prime and Subtitlecomedy.

The channel is dedicated to Kit Kittredge of the American Girl series, centering on her misadventures inside the Führerbunker, in the style of Goebbelsrantparodies, Stalin Parodies and Gaddafi Parodies. Its videos are mainly based on the German dub of the Kit Kittredge film, exploiting the use of foreign language and adding incorrect subtitles on purpose, in the same way as Downfall.

The channel was originally going to be named as "Kittredgerantsparodies", but due to limitations in YouTube's user system it had to be shortened, although it is still considered to be an official name for the series.

The channel currently has 45 videos, and 102 subscribers.

Ever since Nietzsche Prime retired in 2012, the channel has been solely managed by Subtitlecomedy himself. He is currently looking for another Unterganger who is willing to join the collaboration, though in January 2016, Delphox (Then known as Charizard) uploaded a YTPMV video entitled American Village on the channel out of boredom, and as a result of a recent chat between him and Subtitlecomedy.

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