Khrushchev you moo

Khrushchev and Brezhnev.

Khrushchev Parodies are parodies depicting Nikita Khrushchev, in a similar position to Hitler in Hitler Parodies, accompanied by Leonid Brezhnev, who is supposed to be his version of Günsche and sometimes by Khrushchev himself (rarer). The parody series was started by AnticsGoddess.

Even with only one scene currently featuring Khrushchev (see below) the series takes off quite successfully, though it is still obscure, owing to the fact that AnticsGoddess didn't last long in the parody business.

Footage Used

Scenes used in the parodies come from the 2005 film Brezhnev (Брежнев), sometimes translated as Brezhnev Remembers. The main scene used in Khrushchev Parodies is the Khrushchev Rants Scene, where an extremely angry Khrushchev rants, while a standing Brezhnev looks at him. It culminates with Khrushchev throwing some papers at Brezhnev. It is the only scene in the film where Khrushchev appears.



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Comparisons to Other Parody Series

Hitler Parodies

Khrushchev Parodies Hitler Parodies
Both Khrushchev and Hitler crash in their chairs at the end of their rant.
Both Khrushchev and Hitler have their own superweapons.
Both informers don't talk when during their boss rants.
Both are taller than their boss.
Khrushchev rants in a large meeting room. Hitler rants in his office and war room.
Khrushchev throws some papers at Brezhnev.

Hitler doesn't harm Günsche physically.

Khrushchev appears in only one scene. Hitler is the main character in the film.
Brezhnev is the main character. Günsche in a minor character.
No Antic master exists so far. Fegelein in the Antic master.
Khrushchev looks through the window. There are no windows in the Bunker.


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