Kasierchristoph (Christoph Klein) is a half German, half American Unterganger. He was born on February 25th 1993, he lived in Germany until he was six and used to speak German fluently but now speaks very little. He is a German Monarchist and wants Germany to have a Kaiser again. He is currently in college to earn a History and Politcial Science degree. His favorite historical things to study is World War II on the Eastern Front and Russian history.

Parody Style

His first parody was uploaded on October 22, 2011 and it was Hitler wants to become a mormon. He his style of parodies are a mix of mostly traditional scenes and using a static background with only audio such as Hitler and the bunker gang trapped in the sahara which he describes as one of his best parodies.

His parodies often involve a lot of yelling and arguing and some parodies are suggestive such as his longest parody The Traudl,Gerda affair in which there is a lesbian relationship between Traudl and Gerda.


  • "Kasier" seems to be a misspelling of the German word "Kaiser" - "Emperor".

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