KNIGHTCleric is a retired Russian Unterganger. He has 266 subbers and 145 videos. His style was traditional as well as FX.

Other Untergangers were supposedly surprised to learn that KNIGHTCleric is Russian, but this was understandable as he clearly lives in the Ukraine. He published the seminal "cons and cons" about that country, without mentioning either trolleybuses or Karl Marx Chocolate! This was an omission which evilrobottolhurst swiftly rectified...


He fell rather afoul of much of the community (especially untergangers Smelloftheice, Nietzscheprime, Benad361 and Mfaizsyahmi) due to the ease with which he disliked videos which he didn't understand (without even asking for a clarification) or felt lacking in innovative content, or even videos he simply disagreed with (though always stating the reason for the dislike). Some even branded him "IGORcleric" in sheer exasperation. However, Shomronon did like his "frankness".


He retired sometime in late 2011, citing problems with his computer and lack of interest in making new parodies.

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