Jupiter9099 is a YouTube user who uploads a mixed variety of videos, most commonly Downfall Parodies and YouTube Poops.

Before YouTube

Back before his YouTube account, even before he had Sony Vegas, he constructed complex audio files with Audacity. Dubbing his creations "audacity poops", he made sound-based creations/YTP's where one would have to use their imagination to picture what is happening as they listen. Only one of his several creations was later uploaded to YouTube: It's a Freaking Football! (Early Audacity).


After he got Vegas Movie Studio HD, he began making videos and YouTube poops almost weekly. About 3 months after, on April 2, 2012, he unintentionally created a YouTube account while creating a Google+ account. He then began to upload some of his pre-made YTP's. His first parody was uploaded on April 15, 2012Hitler is informed that he is glowing in the dark. He got a kick out of making Hitler and the others say whatever he wants in whatever situation he wants, so he made Downfall parodies a common trend in his channel. 

Significant Uploads

JennieParker87's Commercial Contest

On March 19, 2014, he entered a parody contest hosted by JennieParker87. The topic/theme was creating commercials featuring Hitler and others, advertising a subject of any kind. In the end, he earned the silver rank and took 6th place out of 21 entries for his entry, Dolfy's Fitness Bunker.


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