Junior himmler

Junior Himmler, seen next to his Father's fighter on the secret ocean base in the rain.

Junior Himmler is the son of Heinrich Himmler, and is practically identical to his Father, albeit much shorter and higher-pitched. His age is unknown, as is his Mother, although his siblings are likely to be Himmler's other children by his two other wifes. Is is possible his Mother is one of Himmler's mistresses. His existance is only seen and confirmed from one parody so far, "The Battle of Fegelosis", by Benad361.


In "The Battle of Fegelosis" Junior Himmler is first seen standing next to his father Heinrich, and with the same shocked expression, when Hitler draws his lightsaber and suprises them both. While the battle ensues, he is seen watching from above, high up on the arena. He witnesses his father being decapitated by Hitler, and says, in a high pitched voice: "Why is Daddy's head on the floor? And why is he sleeping?" While he looks on, shaken. Later, when the surviving Jedi of Master Hitler excape the arena, he is seen holding his Father's head to his own, cradling it in his arms sadly. His current status is unknown, since the death of his father. It is speculated he may have been put into a Fegel-orphanage, for children of fallen antic masters.

In a throwback to previous times, in Benad361's parody: "Bunker Civil War Flashbacks: Events Preceding the Battle of Fegelosis" he is seen fleeing from with his father (Krebs was sent by Hitler to apprehend Himmler) and encouraging his father to attack Krebs' starfighter in the asteroid field above the atmosphere of Fegelosis

Speculation as to his Mother's identity

In the parody Ask The Fuhrer 2nd Edition - Answers, it is mentioned that Eva Braun had flings with "Himmler and half his office". This may suggest that Eva is the Mother of Junior, since Himmler is obviously the father, and has had physical contact with Eva.

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