Juniermahri246 is a Korean-American Unterganger. He started making Downfall parodies after being inspired by Kakashiballz and Hitler Rants Parodies. He claimed to be a rookie, because he said that he don't know much editing except for subtitles. He finally gain recognition from HitchcockJohn, a fellow Unterganger who had become fairly popular, when he praised his parodies for being clever and humorous. Juniermahri246 is planning to make a parody series called Corporal Park's Machine Gun of Doom from a movie scene called 71: Into the Fire.

He retired from making any new parodies because he don't have the time or couldn't make one because his Windows Movie Maker always seem to have problems.

Apparent return

On July 26, 2012, Junier returned from retirement by releasing a Hitler parody entitled 'Hitler Plans to Pre-Order Black Ops 2' . The video description reads: "Just to show the downfall community that I'm still in the game". However, since then he hasn't made any parodies and is implied to have silently retired.

Juniermahri's Hitler Timeline

  • 5 March 1924: During his imprisonment, Hitler was met by an unknown man who said that for people to love him, he must brush off the hate and embrace tolerance.
  • 17 May 1924: After his release, he wrote a book call Mein Toleranz (My Tolerance) promoting acceptance of others.
  • 9 June 1938: An attack on Germany by the Soviet Union prompt Hitler to become a general.
  • 6 November 1945: Hiter was elected president of the Reich Germany Republic.


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