jparedes is an Argentine YouTuber who joined YouTube on 15 January 2006. On February 3rd 2006, he reuploaded the parody La Caida (La versión No Oficial) which was originally uploaded by Pajarojuarez because the original video got removed.

The reuploaded parody has, as of January 2013, gathered 100,032 views.

For a long time he has been mistaken to be the first person to make a Downfall parody due to numerous factors, ranging from the fact that he reuploaded the parody, the original parody was taken down for copyright, and people not reading the description. This lasted until the original creator of the La Caida parody, Pajarojuarez, spoke up.


He hasn't made any other parodies. His channel consists of personal videos, that he filmed.

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