“I don't need you anymore. The game's over.”
Goebbels's message to Misch before heading out of the bunker.

Joseph and Magda suicide is a dramatic scene in the movie Downfall, in which Joseph Goebbels first kills his wife Magda, then himself.

In Downfall

This scene occurs after Krebs and Burgdorf remain behind and commit suicide instead of evacuate, and Weidling announces Berlin would be surrendering to the Soviets.

The scene starts with Joseph Goebbels putting on his hat and gloves, while his wife Magda is waiting for him. They leave, and on their way out, pass Rochus Misch. Goebbels tells Misch he no longer needs him, and just before he leaves, he adds the French expression Les jeux sont faits, which basically means the bets have been placed/the chips are down. Goebbels and Magda leave Misch behind, who looks rather stunned.

They go outside near the Chancellery garden, where three soldiers are standing by, ready to burn their bodies after their deaths. In total silence, Goebbels slowly takes his gun out of his coat and points it at Magda, who silently stands in front of him. The camera moves away just before the shots are heard, and we see the soldiers rushing to their bodies with canteens of gasoline.

In Downfall Parodies

The scene is not commonly used in parodies, due to its gruesome nature. One notable example however, is how TheSilverUniverse used the scene in his Goebbels' proposal parody, in which Goebbels can be seen proposing to Magda. In the parody, the gun has been replaced by flowers.

Gilblitz112 used this scene in his entry to the HRP Contest, where Goebbels, after being rejected by everyone in the bunker to help him point at maps, commits suicide with his wife.

A part of this scene was used by 1979Onetime in The Goebbels kids get dropped off in the Führerbunker to show the departure of Joseph and Magda Goebbels from the bunker.



  • The details of how Goebbels and Magda died are uncertain; While one witness said Goebbels shot Magda and then himself, another said they each took cyanide and were shot by an SS trooper. An early report said they were machine-gunned to death at their own request. 
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