John Kramer


Date unspecified

Notable for:

Being as good architect as Speer

Portrayed by:

Tobin Bell

John Kramer (also known as The Jigsaw Killer) was the main antagonist from the Saw franchise. He also teaches his victims the value of life by the traps. Other than being a notorious serial killer, he is also a good architect as Albert Speer .

Before he became notorious serial killer, he worked at a toy factory. When he found out that he got cancer, he was so traumatized and decided to commit suicide by driving downhill. However, he's still alive, and his life had changed forever since then.

 In The Parodies

John appears in this parody  in his mask, which Hitler is not pleased.

Like Hannibal Lecter , he's considered to be one of the most prominent horror villians.

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