Our goal is to secure a global foothold for all Chinese "Hitler Gaming" untergangers!——Jenny Sugar

He's a Jenny fan and an otaku!

Jenny Sugar (AKA "XJ-9_小心" or "小心") is a former Aipai Streamer and current Bilibili video uploader. He produces Hitler Gaming parodies. He is a fan of ”Pleasant Sheep and Big Big Wolf“ and ”My life as a teenage robot“, though in reality he also prefers many other things. He is a famous Mood Index Designer, and works on transporting/translating non-Chinese videos (to enable their availability to Chinese untergangers) in his spare time. Currently, he is an HAC Commissioner, and holds a position in the HAC Copyright Department. He known as "ancestor of HAC Resolution" which he first proposed on February 17, 2020, and is responsible for creating similar regulations in the future.

Being a major leader of HAC's Regulation Revolution, he continues to spearhead improvements to HAC, along with their members and untergangers in Kyle's group. However, there are always voices of protest against his actions.

Generally, opinions of others on him are mixed.

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Friendship entry:Kyle Broflovski, founder of HAC.

The Lengthy Campaign

The Ancient Times

Back at 2014, he was an amateur player of Mole's World (a Chinese flash game). He had some friends online who invited him to an organization which supposedly was a detective agency. There, they had some "investigation" activities, going as far as posting elegant language on the online corkboard. A year later, drama and chaos ravaged the group, coupled with internal fragmentation and the departure of critical members. The organization eventually subsided, resulting in him quitting the game.

The Aipai Age

In 2015, he was on the Aipai for the first time and learned about the one MC Video Uploader known as "MTong_Dada” and “BiggayToilet" (not to be confused with 李志强, an infamous unterganger whose nickname is Toilet) Since then, he started to post videos there.

Initially, he used Aipai's integrated filming function to record video though the effects are disastrous due to the low quality. Meanwhile, he posted some MC videos in Aipai with an average frame rate of only 5fps. Because he was a redstone researcher at the time, most videos he made were fixated on that subject. They were all silent tutorials as he lacked access to a mic or and equivalents. 

The first video made after he had a microphone was about "The Wakeup War" (A game mode common in Chinese MC Communities). On one occasion, he even invited his two classmates to the mic, causing him to be doxxed when his real name is accidently exposed. The production of such videos are extremely tedious, taking up one hour in most sitiations and due to the extreme limitations of the filming function he was forced to upload them after separating the videos. These factors greatly extended the time required to produce videos and he spent an entire year on that.

His final video on Aipai is "[Summer Holiday Special] SuperMario 63". It later became the most viewed video amongst all his uploads. For undisclosed reasons, he never posted videos an Aipai again.

The Modern World

He arrived on BiliBili 2 years later, and registered on Septemper 11, 2017. He joined HAC in around December 2017.

List of his old nicknames sorted chronologically:

  • 你们的朋友_瑞琪

  • 你们的朋友_某sans

  • 某玛菲特_某sans

  • 白糖

  • 眼宗-西门

  • 白糖在此

  • White_白糖

  • White_甜心

  • White_小心

  • Careful.S_小心

  • XJ-9_ 小心

He also nad some other names on miscallaneous platforms such as XJ-9 on QQ and many more.

Avatar Changes

Known for his extreme amount of name changes, he has his own share of avatar alternations as well. Curious? That's explained with the following table and text contained within. The data comes from QQ's historical avatars. Some are his BiliBili avatars and others are picked from personal preferences. Due to time reasons, he may not be able to correctly recall the corresponding PFPs from various time periods.

Time Evolution
2013 Jijiaxuanfeng's Guns(a robot)→Briar(Boonie Bears)
2014 Guns→Group photo with friends in Mole's World
2015 《Bear infested Snow Ridge Bear Wind》's Tuan Zi→Guns→Briar
2016 Vick(Boonie Bears)→A mysterious character from Duowan Minecraft box→Ruiqi(Mole's World)→Ruiqi 2
2017 Mysterious person in The Brain→Ruiqi→Captain Barnacles(The Octonauts)→Super Mario→Group photo of The Octonauts→Mysterious person in Usavich
2018 Kirby→Sans→Undyne→Undyne2→Undyne→Muffet→Betty→White Sugar(Beijing Opera Cat)→White Sugar 2→Mysterious person→White Sugar 2→White Sugar 3→Kizuna AI→White Sugar 3→Xi Men→Tang Dynasty Territory→White Sugar 4→Tang Dynasty Territory→White Sugar 4→Qing Dynasty Territory→White Sugar 5
2019 Sonic→Bendy→Xiao Qin→White Sugar 6→Xiao Qin→Xiao Qin 2→Girl Bowser(Black History)→Girl Bowser 2→Xiao Qin 2→Mysterious person in Star War→Xiao Qin 2→Xiao Qin 3→Xiao Qin 4→Xiao Qin 2→Xiao Qin 5→Christmas Xiao Qin→Xiao Qin 2→Black Xiao Qin→Xiao Qin 6→White Sugar 7→Xiao Qin 6→Xiao Qin 7→Galaxy Xiao Qin→White Sugar 8→White Sugar with sunglasses→POKÉMON Detective Pikachu→Captain Barnacles→Guns→Baryon(A triple quark particle)→Soviet My Little Pony→Mo Lele(Mole's World)→Happy.S→Sweet.S→Careful.S→Emmanuel Macron→Careful.S→Sweet.S 2→Careful.S 2→Halloween limited Happy.S→Jiu
2020 Jiu·Red→Careful.S 3→Digital Virus(Little Green)→Unfinished Little Green Hat Man→Little Green Hat Man→Antonia·Sweet.S→Bendy→Moon Dance→God Moon Dance→Kira Yoshikage→Moon Dance→XJ-9(Jenny·Wakeman)→Jenny·Wakeman(Size adjustment)→Briar again→Android Man→Guai Ka→Jenny·Wakeman→Jenny doubt→Jenny2→Jenny3→Jenny4→Jinx(now)

Chinese version (for comparison only)

时间 演变
2013年 机甲旋风的枪炮→熊大
2014年 枪炮→摩尔庄园与朋友的合影
2015年 《熊出没:雪岭熊风》的团子→枪炮→熊大
2016年 光头强→某来自多玩我的世界盒子的神秘人物→摩尔庄园的瑞琪→瑞琪2
2017年 某最强大脑神秘人物→瑞琪→海底小纵队的巴克队长→超级马里奥→海底小纵队合影→越狱兔某神秘人物
2018年 星之卡比→Sans→Undyne→Undyne2→Undyne→Muffet→Betty→京剧猫的白糖→白糖2→某二次元神秘人物→白糖2→白糖3→爱酱→白糖3→西门→大唐疆域→白糖4→大唐疆域→白糖4→大清疆域→白糖5
2019年 索尼克→班迪→小青→白糖6→小青→小青2→库巴姬(黑历史)→库巴姬2→小青2→某星战神秘人物→小青2→小青3→小青4→小青2→小青5→圣诞小青→小青2→黑小青→小青6→白糖7→小青6→小青7→银河青→白糖8→墨镜糖→大侦探皮卡丘→巴克队长→枪炮→重子(一种三夸克粒子)→苏维埃小马→摩尔庄园的摩乐乐→开心超人→甜心超人→小心超人→马克龙→小心超人→甜心超人2→小心超人2→万圣节限定开心超人→玖
2020年 玖·红→小心超人3→数码病毒(小绿)→未完成的小绿帽子人→小绿帽子人→安东尼娅·甜心→班迪→月舞→神之月舞→吉良吉影→月舞→XJ-9(Jenny·Wakeman,此后正式开启探索历程)→Jenny·Wakeman尺寸调整→熊大again→安卓人→怪卡忒高兴→Jenny·Wakeman→Jenny疑惑→Jenny2→Jenny3→Jenny4→Jinx(今)

Controversies and MISC Events

Targeted Harassment (Critical Historical Event)

Known commonly by Kyle and him as the "Malay Monkey Quartet" (马来四猴组) or the "Motherless Raging Ranters" controversy, it occured at around July 2018, 8 months after him joining HAC. Piror to the event, he is constantly ignored, chastised, and belittled by other selfish corporatist members of Kyle's chat who have formed their own guilds, as he promotes unity. Due to this, he threatened to quit Kyle's chat multiple times, but only did so once and quickly rejoined, still confident that the situation will eventually change. The Monkey Quatret were enraged when they saw Kyle inviting people with his other account. This, coupled with the extreme amount of hatred they had for Jenny, errupted into a full-scale dustup. They created their own group chat and invited 2 of Kyle's chat members into their group, where they constantly insulted Kyle and Jenny. The last two members were, in fact, only joining so they could aquire evidence of them insulting Kyle. After that, one of them DMed Kyle on BiliBili to prove that the two were trying to help him. Kyle posted an apology letter on BiliBili (that was later deleted within a month with no backup from other HAC staff members) and most of his fans disaplyed sympathy. Despite this, the Monkey Quatret continued to attack Jenny and Kyle aggressively. The initial group was later disbanded in ambiguity so the member who helped Kyle created another "Anti-Kyle" group chat as a bait for the Monkey Quatret, though they never joined as they were suspicious of it being Kyle's trap.

After a week of fighting, Kyle sucessfully defended Jenny and evicted the Monkey Quatret. The two framed members (who were helping Kyle the entire time) had their HAC staff previliges restored. After this event, Kyle, under pressure, held a vote regarding about the public visibility of his group (as many became aware of his existence). Most voters agreed, resulting in him releasing his chat's information into the public domain. As a consequence, this significantly increased the amount of members. Although Jenny was only involved due to the Monkey Quatret throwing insults at him, what he had hoped in the beginning occured. Corporatism was abolished in favor of a slightly more centalized community. Notably, this event is extremely similar to The Triggered Trio incident, whereas several untergangers, angry over HRP (who is sometimes considered the International Counterpart of Kyle) on trivial matters, formed anti-HRP groups and sent him death threats, much to his chagrin and fury. However, unlike them, The Monkey Quartet were permanently evicted whereas at least one member in the triggered trio rejoined the community in peace.

Early Videos

He used to publish stream vids of WOW (World of Warships). Although it had many views, he is literally bombarded with destructive criticism (like how the entire UCC mocks Toilet today). This caused him to remove all his WOW videos and transitioned to HGPs instead.

General opinion


  1. Actively lead and foresaw HAC regulations with fellow untergangers
  2. Advocator of HAC Modernization


  1. Being the second hidden sponsor, after bilign16802
  2. Being second puppet of HAC

Involvement in the HAC Term 217 Expulsion

In Feburary 2020, Kyle discovered that an HAC member Mark苏--RTG雄起 refused to mark his videos with the HAC tag, despite being a member of the HAC. When DMs proved ineffective, Jenny proposed to evict Mark from Kyke's chat. It was executed with Kyle's approval. As it was published in 2020 Feburary 17th, it was thus named term 217, becoming the first properly named and defined term in HAC.

Implementation of HAC Resolution KB-220

In 2020 Feburary 20th, shortly after the Term 217 incident, Mark began to aggressively attack HAC. His actions were brought to the attention of HAC Staff members and after some discussion, decided to execute Term KB-220 at 2020 Feburary 20, 9PM, with Jenny as the representative.

The specifications of the terms stated that Mark shall be permabanned with no repeal.

Some time after the term was carried out, Mark's attitude improved, and, coupled with an ally defending him, Kyle was covinced that he has changed, and discussed on the repealing of KB-220. However, this errupted into a minor controversy where both the staff team and the regular members argued about the possibility of a repeal. Some calaimed that the measures are too extreme, othere complained that they cannot break their own terms. As a result, KB was split into 2 categories: The normal KB which can be repealed, and the Ultimate KB which is not subject to it. Mark's case was designated as a regular KB, thus ending the discussion. Later on, Mark's ban was never lifted, as they refused Kyle's invitation to aoplogize for starting drama in Kyle's chat.

In one primary staff meeting, they also discussed about the possibility of repeal again. One staff member agreed, and two others decided not to vote. As NKBs are only altered if with the consent of all primary staff members, Mark was still permabanned.

HGP Series' cover art & intros

He designed three cover arts for the HGP series. Particularily, he made one for season 11, and two for season 13.

He also created new, standarized intros for season 12 and 13. Currently, the intro is at V 1.30.0 and is named “My life as a teenage robot.”

Emotes & Mood Indexes

He created new hat men emotes to replace Kyle's older, shield-based counterparts. It includes the following emotions: "Happy", "Very Happy", "Sad", "Angry", "Confused", "Standard", "Crying", "Shocked", "Nervous".

Soon, Kyle suggested that they should style the hat man after Hitler, and thus it resulted in an entire new set of the aforementioned emotes. An unknown contributor created a 10th emote that stands for "I disagree".

When designing the "Hitler Hat Men" Series, he also created the new "Guai Ka" emotes which included all 9 emotions, as well as "Confused 2", "Super Triggered", and "Wail".

And right after that, with some inspiration from Kyle fans, he created another series based on Jenny, his favorite animation character with the identical set to the first one.  The differce was the inclusion "Super Triggered" and "Helpless" as well as the removal of "Very "Happy", "Crying", and "Nervous", resulting 8 total emotes. It was originally reserved for Kyle's personal use, though he ended up not utilizing them, so Jenny used them instead, becoming the second known HAC member who officially uses these mood indexes (first being Kyle) 

These are currently subject to updates.

HAC Copyright Department

As of 2020 Feburary 29th, due to an Iqiyi (a Chinese video platform) uploader comminiting repeated video thefts, he suggested in a primary staff meeting that they shall create the "HAC League Copyright Department", an organization determined to hunt down and persecute copyright theft cases that involves Kyle's HGP series and various other HAC members. His suggestion was passed with three pro votes over two non-votes, and he, along with bilign16802 and 咬舌狂魔基林酱 were later installed as it's primary members. 西布罗夫斯基 became an official member as an assistant. Kyle was elected as the leader with Wrath丿龙哥辉煌 as the co-leader

"Account Theft" & The M-H War

In the midst of the Mark-HAC conflict that occured in late Feburary 2020 that started with Mark's anti-HAC movement with the intention of sparking even more conflict to destroy Kyle's group, Jenny acted with Kyle's plan, who granted him access to his account. At that time, Kyle disguised himself with an evil facade, and most of the HAC members in Kyle's chat acted with the pretense of assualting Kyle, so they could cover the plan and prevent Mark from discovering it. Jenny then acted under the pretense of doxxing Kyle while talking to chat members, with Kyle using another known member's account (with that member's approval, of course) to attack Jenny. In the process, Jenny used some hilarious quotes that left some famous legacies, including (The quotes have been translated to English):

  • I am the HAC Commissioner who stole Kyle's account
  • You and Kyle's mothers will be destroyed

That was also a part of the plan, though the quotes are on Jenny's part. The war ended when Mark's side realized that Kyle's chat members can pin the drama blame on them, so they retreated. This event led to the downfall of the Mark's RTG League as his BiliBili information was exposed to authorities some time after the drama, causing the league to be shut down permanently. That was commonly known as the April 3rd Incident.

Extreme Irony

According to private interviews, he claimed that formerly he vowed to only watch Chinese Animations, but quickly broke it after watching Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. 真DAMN IRONY香!

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