Jan Gamarnik


Jan Borysovych Gamarnik


2nd June 1894


31st May 1937

Notable for

His long beard


Tukhachevsky, Stalin, Yezhov, Beria, Voroshilov, etc


Hitler, Fegelein, Gaddafi, Khamis, etc.

Portrayed by:

Oleg Geraskin

Jankel Borysovych Pukhdykovych (Ukrainian: Я́нкев Бори́сович Пудико́вич), better known as Jan Gamarnik or Yakov Gamarnik (Russian: Яков Гамарник) (June 2 [O.S. May 21] 1894– 1937) was a Soviet politician of Jewish ethnicity.

In the Stalin Parodies

In the Stalin Parodies created by Unterganger Benad361, Gamarnik is presented as a friend and advisor of Tukhachevsky, as is seen in "Tukhachevsky versus Fegelein: Round One". He is presumably also a friend of Uborevich, Yegorov and others too. Unlike Tukhachevsky, he puts much emotion into his talking, to the point that it becomes akin to (and sometimes is) ranting.

He also appeared in Werner vs. Tukhachevsky: The Antic Race, in which he is shown as having a sense of humour after trying to amuse his comrades with a humorous anecdote involving a pineapple, a space station, John Mallory, and a Blu-ray copy of A Night to Remember.

He was seen briefly in Fegelein Foils Stalin's Wunderwaffe Theft as accompanying Tukhachevsky in his attempt to steal some German wunderwaffe (hovercrafts) from the Eastern front. Fegelein hijacks his hovercraft and uses it to chase down Tukhachevsky, grabbing Gamarnik and hurling him out of the hovercraft. He is believed to have survived however, as it was flat terrain and the hovercraft was not going at speed. How he got back to Moscow is unknown, but he may have had to walk back like Tukhachevsky did.

In Rosen Wars: Revenge of the Plamz (Part 3), Gamarnik is one of the pilots dispatched by Soviet leader Joseph Stalin to blow up the bunker, whilst Emperor Rosentine is visiting it. Stalin's informer Nikolai Yezhov is the lead pilot. However, the plan fails, as the antic bullets and missiles fail to penetrate the bunker's shileding, which had presumably been reinforced against antics. The Emperor orders his apprentice (Darth Vikings) to shoot the helicopter down, which he does, with an SAM. Gamarnik and Yezhov are later seen being captured and executed by Dr Schenck and assistant Max Müller, despite attempts to save them.


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