“Star-scribe For More!”
―His message to each new subscribers.

JJ All-star is a Chinese-Thai Unterganger who started making Downfall parodies since December 2015.


JJ All-star discovered Downfall parodies when searching YouTube for videos, but he never took interest of it. However, he started to make his first parody, Hitler plans to order Krabby Patty, on 20 December 2015. His channel would later gain more views and subscribers because of his Hitler rants about turning into an animated form parody.

He uses Sony Vegas Pro 13 to make parodies, while also relying on Adobe Photoshop CS6 to create empty background scenes.

He won the Unterganger Gold Cup for December 2019.

Downfall Parody Series

In September 2016, he uploaded a trailer for his first and story-based parody movie, Der Frozengang. The prologue was released on Vidme on November 18, 2016 (before being reuploaded to Vimeo following Vidme's shutdown) and the first episode was released on November 27, 2016. In September 2018 during the seventh part upload of his parody, he announced the remake on the previous part (1 to 5 including prologue) of this parody movie.

In November 2016, he uploaded the first episode of his second and story-based parody series, named The Origins of Krusty Krebs. The series has ended in April 2017.

To introduce a new Downfall parody concept, he uploaded his third story-based parody series, named Fegelein and the Miss Diamond in November 2018.


Date Parody Category
August 2016 Squidward Chat with Hitler Most Humorous (UA)
November 2016 N/A Best Unterganger Award
December 2016 Der Frozengang: Part 2 Best Series (UA)
January 2017 The Origins Of Krusty Krebs - Part 2

Hitler phones Mr. Krabs

Best Series and Story-based (UA)

Most Humorous (UA)

February 2017 The Origins of Krusty Krebs - Part 3 Best Story-based (UA)
March 2017 N/A Unterganger of the Month (UA)
April 2017 The Origins Of Krusty Krebs - Part 4 (Final) Best Series and Story-based (UA)
May 2017 Hitler watches Burgdorf concert Most Humorous (UA)
August 2017 Der Frozengang: Part 6 Best Series, Story-based and Most Innovative (UA)

Unterganger of the Month (UA)

November 2017 Hitler's Tale At Bikini Bottom intro Best FX (UA)
September 2018 Der Frozengang: Part 7 Best FX, Series and Story-based (DCA)

Parody of the Month (DCA) Unterganger of the Month (DCA)

November 2018 Fegelein and the Miss Diamond - Part 1 Best Series (DCA)
December 2019 N/A Unterganger Gold Cup


  • His YouTube username comes from his name, JJ, and a star which represents his dream.
  • He have gained over 5000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.
  • His YouTube message "Star-scribe For More" was mainly inspired by Dumb Fish Parodies's intro quote.
  • He also included non-Downfall characters in some parodies, such as Mr. Bean, The Map from Dora the Explorer, Squidward from SpongeBob SquarePants, and Cosmo and Wanda from The Fairly Odd-Parents. His parody genre was crossover.

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